A tip from high performers – moving towards what you want

There’s one thing I have noticed that high performers (in any field) have over the lower level achievers. It really fast tracks their productivity and their results. It’s easy to miss because it’s a trick to the eye. The high achievers make it look easy when they take risks, be bold, make things happen. They .. read more

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Applying a productivity process to your business development for better results

Back to basics – the power of a strategic sales process that consistently makes you money  Recently, I attended a conference that was nothing short of inspiring. The speakers were innovative and inspiring. They gave us great ideas. But the big areas missing for many people are turning those ideas into a process. Specifically, applying .. read more

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New Webinar – how to make 2013 a real winner

Hi everyone, Your year is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to start planning for 2013. To that end, we’re holding a webinar tomorrow for you. Don’t worry about the short notice, if you can’t attend live register anyway so we can send you the link to the recording once it’s uploaded. Here’s the .. read more

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The better the question the better the answer

Hi there everyone. Your year is flying along, and it’s worthwhile to ask a few questions about how strategically you use your time. I’ve often worked from the belief that “The better the question, the better the answer.” Many of our clients love the idea of ‘Focus Time’. So I thought I’d add here some .. read more

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Protect your FOCUS Time

That period of time when you’re so focused, so lucid, so clear – is it in the morning? Or in the afternoon? Whenever it is, PROTECT IT.  You get more done in that period than any other in the day. Turn off the email. Use the tool. Set it for 30 minutes and see what .. read more

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Three quick points for what’s left of 2011

What do you want to do differently? Identify the top three steps you can take NOW to get 2012 start successfully before it even arrives. The feeling of being ahead of the curve will make you even more productive. Number two – Reward yourself with a unique and different experience within the next two weeks. .. read more

Email Management and Exercise Tip from Tony Robbins

Hi guys, I spent this morning chasing my three year old son around the house, with my one year old in my arms. Fantastic exercise. There’s an article in the Herald Sun today about how dads need to exercise with their children to help get fit. It’s certainly a great way to combine exercising and .. read more

Middle of the year – how’s it going?

Time flies doesn’t it? Are you making things happen? Here’s one tip that might help. When you start each day, try NOT checking your emails as the first step. Start with the question, “What do I want to achieve?” Visualise the outcome, and visualise a win you’ve had in the past. One that reminds you that you .. read more

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