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Productivity Tips from Ricky Gervais

Welcome to the Ideas Corner – Productivity Ideas you can use right now   I met with the CEO Institute yesterday. We were discussing the topic of productivity for CEO’s. As a side comment one of the staff mentioned they love Ricky Gervais from ‘The Office’. Now, only the night before I had watched Ricky .. read more

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Interview with Elliot Hayes by ‘The Age’ on productivity

Hi Everyone, Hope your week has kicked off well. Just got notice from the journalist that an interview I did with ‘The Age’ has been published. Here’s the link: http://www.theage.com.au/small-business/hour-of-power-20130911-2tjxz.html Enjoy. Warmest regards, Elliot Hayes www.findtime.com.au

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A productivity lesson from Jim Carrey

No, that headline is not a joke (: I was watching an interview the other day with Jim Carrey. He was talking about being in school, and what a class clown he was. Hard to believe right? He was always doing impressions of the teachers, and making everyone laugh – and distracting everyone! Til one .. read more

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New Webinar – how to make 2013 a real winner

Hi everyone, Your year is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to start planning for 2013. To that end, we’re holding a webinar tomorrow for you. Don’t worry about the short notice, if you can’t attend live register anyway so we can send you the link to the recording once it’s uploaded. Here’s the .. read more

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The better the question the better the answer

Hi there everyone. Your year is flying along, and it’s worthwhile to ask a few questions about how strategically you use your time. I’ve often worked from the belief that “The better the question, the better the answer.” Many of our clients love the idea of ‘Focus Time’. So I thought I’d add here some .. read more

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Three quick points for what’s left of 2011

What do you want to do differently? Identify the top three steps you can take NOW to get 2012 start successfully before it even arrives. The feeling of being ahead of the curve will make you even more productive. Number two – Reward yourself with a unique and different experience within the next two weeks. .. read more

Email Management and Exercise Tip from Tony Robbins

Hi guys, I spent this morning chasing my three year old son around the house, with my one year old in my arms. Fantastic exercise. There’s an article in the Herald Sun today about how dads need to exercise with their children to help get fit. It’s certainly a great way to combine exercising and .. read more

Middle of the year – how’s it going?

Time flies doesn’t it? Are you making things happen? Here’s one tip that might help. When you start each day, try NOT checking your emails as the first step. Start with the question, “What do I want to achieve?” Visualise the outcome, and visualise a win you’ve had in the past. One that reminds you that you .. read more

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