Finding Your Executive Voice – CIS Attendees

How to overcome your fear and use the techniques of the masters to present with impact and confidence – whether it be face to face, online or on the phone

Message from Elliot Hayes

If you’re reading this then we’ve likely just met at the CIS breakfast session of ‘Finding your Executive Voice’.

I want to thank you for attending. You were a fantastic group! It’s such a rewarding session to run…BUT (here it is) it’s also frustrating.

It’s frustrating because there’s so much more I can teach. And even then, once the new information is complete, the  next step is actually making it work for YOU. Integrating it into your unique style and helping you develop the actual skill to produce under pressure.

That’s actually more powerful than learning the content – it’s about being able to DO IT.

That’s the power of working in a small group with you (or one one one).

So, if the workshop session struck a chord and you’d like to develop it further, here’s what you can do:

1: Develop the skills of your team or colleagues in-house

If that’s you then simply contact us, mention the CIS breakfast and you’ll receive a $600 training credit to invest in whatever program you decide

2: Work one on one with me – in a private consultation

If that’s you, then simply contact us  mention the CIS session and you’ll receive free support via email/phone for twelve months after the consulting session (normally clients pay an ongoing retainer to keep us on board as advisors).

3: Attend a live, full day public workshop – held in the Melbourne CBD; next one is September 24th

If that’s you, then check out the outline below with the details of my next public course. This will be just for yourself. Numbers are very limited. I’d love to see you there. Mention the CIS session and you can bring a friend for FREE.

Finding Your Executive Voice – the Outcome for You

Only a small percentage of the community actually know how to give a knockout presentation.

Put simply, at the end of this course you will be a better presenter than when you started.

You will have a clear methodology of preparation to apply when creating your presentation.

You’ll know how to use your own style and personality to present with mastery, confidence and not bore your audience. You will know how to more effectively win the deal with your skill in moving the audience to action.

The course: Finding Your Executive Voice – How to Present with Impact & Confidence

When: Monday, September 24th, 2012. 9:30am to 5pm.

Where: Melbourne,CBD; exact venue to be advised upon confirmation

How much: $395+gst

Enrol Now

You can click the ‘Buy Now’ link above or you can simply send an email to Elliot Hayes (your facilitator for this program) with your contact details and we’ll confirm within twenty four hours

Or you can call us now on 1300 316 310

Finding Your Executive Voice – What will you learn?

There are two key areas you will learn how to master in this training:

1 – The Structure of your Presentation

  • Being able to assemble and synthesise a large amount of information into its most digestible, persuasive form. It must be achieved without overloading or confusing the audience i.e. ‘don’t tell me how you made the clock, just tell me the time!’.
  • Organise your ideas into a structure that best delivers your critical message
  • Developing a methodology for making effective Powerpoint presentations (as well as using other visual aids as cues)
  • Clearly communicating the information when delivering presentations so that the ‘take home message’ the audience walks away with is exactly the one we intended

2 – The Style to Communicate your Presentation:

  • How to take the best of your own style and enhance the effectiveness of the presentation. Being a great presenter is not about becoming someone you’re not, rather it’s about becoming the best presenter  by utilising your own unique style.
  • Exactly how to use your tone, words and body language to present in a compelling way that has the listeners excited to hear what’s coming next
  • Tips to increase your energy and ‘presence’ when you present to a group so you stand out amongst your competitors
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult/challenging people in the audience and how to keep control of the presentation without being derailed
  • Tips to increase your confidence in presenting with impact
  • Walk away with an energised motivation to improve their skill and impact in this powerful, important communication skill

3 – Applying these skills to webinars and conference calls. This is a huge area of growth, and one that’ neglected in most training; usually it’s more of an afterthought and that will not cut in today’s technology options.

  • How to effectively deliver in a webinar format
  • How to deliver on the phone/conference call
  • how to deliver via skype/video conferencing

The key theme is always: Practise – Practise – Practise

So to enrol now:

Simply send an email to Elliot Hayes with your name and contact details. And we’ll confirm within twenty four hours.

Or you can call us now on 1300 316 310

Or you can simply click on this link and enrol now:

Not sure if this is for you?

Then can we suggest you talk to the trainer directly and discuss what you would like to learn? That way you can make the best decision as to whether this course is right for you. Here’s his mobile number, you can call Elliot Hayes right now – 0413 133 345.

About your trainer – Elliot Hayes

Elliot Hayes has worked across seven different industries – ranging from telecommunications to film and television to corporate training and development. It was during his tenure as manager of one of the top Optus franchises in Australia that he began to develop his skills as a trainer and educator.
He has been running training and development programs for over eight years. Specialising in communication and productivity skills.
He has featured in BRW, and his clients have included Australia Post, Telstra, Department of Justice, and Optus.
Elliot also consults and trains in the areas of innovation in the workplace, sales and marketing. He is also a qualified tai chi instructor.

Case Studies from other Clients (don’t take our word for it 😆 )

‘Elliot, your dynamic and inspirationally presentation on ‘How to use the Power of Innovation in your Marketing and Sales to Boost Profits’ will go down as a highlight in our event calendar.

The feedback we have had from participants has been overwhelming, their message was consistent, “great night, memorable evening, fun event, Elliot’s delivery style was honest and full of energy, his ideas and knowledge has left us inspired to make changes in our approach to marketing.’
Lynda Bredin – Manager Business Development – Glen Eira City Council

‘Excellent theory…practical session…experienced facilitator.’
University of Melbourne

‘Gave me way beyond my expectations. Truly achieved its goal.’
Object Consulting

‘It was brilliant. Elliot’s energy – a constant reminder of what it is to be a great presenter!’
Centre for MultiCultural Youth

‘Facilitator was very engaging…lots of practical exercises…excellent content’
Magistrate Court of Australia

‘I would like to personally thank you for such an enriching day. I am already starting to implement changes & there will be more to come over the next few months. I also have mentioned this to the training department at Honda Australia in Tullamarine. They would appreciate it if you could touch base with to perhaps organise some future training.’
Frank Interdonato – Honda Australia

‘Elliot was very positive in the ways that i can improve my presentation….I cannot think of any ways of improving this course…I will use the presentation planning structure for all my presentations both within and external of Sanitarium…the mixture of theory and practise really suited this course.’
Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing – Sales Team