Coaching Program January 2014 Special Offer

Dear Client,

Where group training is NOT the answer

I’m a big fan of in-house, skills training (and public workshops) and how they can help a person improve their performance.

But equally, there is no doubt that in some cases there is only so far that method can take you.

What some people really want and need is ONE on ONE attention for their specific challenges, goals or problems.

The power of a one on one coaching session customised to YOU

I remember my tai chi instructor granting me a private lesson (this was after many months of attending group classes). I was blown away. It was profound how much you can uncover and develop when the message is customised to only YOU.

On the flip side, when delivering a session for one of my clients, I can’t tell you how often they have an ‘a-ha’ moment that they never would have had on their own. It’s very difficult to be your own coach, if not impossible.

Now we’re opening them up the general public

Up until now, we’ve mainly delivered coaching sessions for our in-house training clients (as well as our small group of ongoing consulting clients). But I keep getting enquiries for specific, focused sessions just for an individual. So we’ve opened the doors to the public.

You can utilise a coaching session as a stand alone, no other training required.

Below is the key skill areas we deliver coaching sessions in. It’s a fairly comprehensive list, you may choose to combine one or two topics if that works for you.

You’re also welcome to utilise just one session on your chosen area. Either because it’s all you need or because you want to try us out.

Quick note – it doesn’t matter where you are, we deliver these live as well as via phone/skype/webinar; depends on your situation.

Special Price for January 2014 Enrolments

For January only, you can enrol in any coaching session, on any of the topics listed below for a one off price of $299 +gst (the normal price is a minimum of $499+gst)

Length of time is normally two hours – as well as follow up via email/phone for any queries related to the content covered.

Our Coaching Sessions and Programs cover the following skillsets:

–          How to Get More Done – turning your time management approach into an easy to follow process that saves you time and energy as well as increases results

–          Boost your Productivity with Microsoft Outlook: utilising Microsoft Outlook as your very own personal assistant

–          Professional Presentations: creating and delivering powerful presentations that move your audience to action

–          Professional Selling Skills: boosting your sales results in three months or less with a simple plan


Want to find out more?

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