Department of Justice Productivity Tip

If you’re reading this then most likely you’re part of Department of Justice – so welcome!

Over the last five years i’ve worked with a number of Justice staff in the areas of presentation skills, customer service and time management.

To help you kick off 2012 i’ve put together a very simple, but powerful productivity tip for you.

Check it out here:

How to increase your productivity in 30 minutes or less by Elliot Hayes

To download it, simply right click on the link above and select, “Save Target As”

Lotus Notes – a powerful productivity tool IF you know how to use it.  

I’ve also added a tutorial on how to use Lotus Notes.

Now, i didn’t create this one. I sourced it online.

We do run Lotus Notes training (often as part of the time management course) but we don’t have any online content to share yet.

But I’ve found this series of Lotus Notes tips very handy for my clients.

It covers basic tips on how to use Lotus Notes, but in our experience many people have skill gaps. So revisiting the fundamentals (or seeing them for the first time) can be a very useful way to make more of your time.

I hope that 2012 is a fantastic year for you.

Warmest regards,
Elliot Hayes

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