Done for You Marketing Service

The Done for YOU Marketing Service.

Where FindTime becomes your very own ‘Virtual Marketing Manager’.

Probably the biggest issue I hear from clients (and people in general) is, “That sounds great but I don’t have the time.”

Add to that the fact that as business owners there are many things you shouldn’t be doing anyway. You should simply be ‘overseeing’.

Marketing is one of those areas that you know you should/could/want to do more in. But with the day to day challenges of running the business it doesn’t quite happen the way you’d like.

In revenue terms, I’ve now proven many times the side effect of this is that you’re leaving money on the table because of what you don’t have time to do.

What can you DO?

You can hire a marketing manager, part or full time. But there’s all the financial and legal issues surrounding a new employee.

You can do nothing – which costs you money through opportunity cost.

You can consider us. Because in response to this pressing, money draining issue, we’ve created the ‘Done for You Marketing Service’.

Headed by Elliot, the team of FindTime becomes your ‘Virtual Marketing Manager’.

Here’s what it involves:


Based on the plan we devise through detailed consultation, we will create and implement:

– Sales plan for your business for the next 12 months so you know where you’re headed

– Sales process from A – Z. Devising and implementing a step by step process for taking a new lead into a fully committed, paying client.

– Target market research that feeds into what you’re doing

– Written, audio and video presentations – creating the presentations to spread your message

– Website optimising to help it sell more effectively for your business

– Referral system – creating and implementing

– Joint venture sourcing and brokering

– E-newsletter writing and delivery

– Direct mail writing for you to hit send to the printer

– List building tactics to keep funnelling new subscribers to your master list

– Lead generation strategies

– Contribution to your Google Adwords Campaign (if you have one in place already)

– Value-adding program. A regular series of value adds for your clients to maintain and enhance their loyalty to your brand

*note that in some cases there may be an equipment cost (such as filming a video and editing it) which will be outlined upfront on a case by case basis

Pre-requisite for this service

To begin with, this is not available for first timers. It’s recommended you participate in the ‘Fast Track Marketing and Sales Program’ before you consider this (we’d suggest a minimum three month participation).

You can find the details for that here:  

Once that is completed, we can then up the ante on working together with this service.

The main resource requirement we have is one contact person within the business who we can liase with for logistics, business details, any printing that needs to be done (once the owner approves it).

How much does it cost?

$1,995+gst per month.

Want to find out more?

To send an enquiry or find out more, simply email us

Or call now on 1300 316 310

Outline specifically the area you would like to focus on and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.