Fast Track Marketing & Sales Program

Are you a business owner?

Are you looking to boost your sales? Fast?

I accept just TWELVE CLIENTS per year to work with in transforming their marketing and sales results.

So if you’re hungry to increase sales, and ready to invest the time and effort to do so, then this could be the answer.

Hello, I’m Elliot Hayes – founder of

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely I’ve invited you to come to this page, or one of my coaching clients has sent you here.

In our business, we’re always striving to help people all around Australia improve their results.

We’ll share with you anything that helps you get your job done.

Sales & Marketing Breakthroughs – it’s just me and you

Along the way I’ve been asked to share the “HOW TO” of our sales approach with other clients.

This isn’t the kind of program we have a truck load of facilitators ready to deliver.

This is the one and only program where it’s just ME.

Let’s face it, helping you increase your sales is an intense, unique challenge and it’s one I can’t outsource, no matter what. It requires a very personalised service, a strong personality (to be able to engage a successful team of salespeople or business owners with solutions) as well as being open to new ideas – wherever they come from.

And when it works, it’s powerful, profitable and often quite fast.I’ve had some great success stories, a snippet of which are outlined below.

Consider this: Is your problem really sales? Or is the real issue one of TIME?

You might think your issue is sales. But I remember when I took on my first coaching client a few years ago. The lesson from working with her was clear – all the sales ideas are great, but the REAL issue is how to get it done in time.

Have you ever been to a workshop, got heaps of ideas, and then never put any of them into practise?

The real payoffs kick in when you combine sales and marketing strategies with productivity skills.

Let me tell you, I’m married with four children. Plus I run my own business, as well as continuing my passions in the martial arts and the performance arts. So I know what it’s like to have your plate full.

Having worked with thousands of people on helping them get more done, I can show you how to combine the two so you get the sales results without working through to midnight giving yourself a breakdown.

Quick side point – this is a very serious issue. One of my clients recently told me that if he’d had this knowledge and perspective sooner, he wouldn’t have lost his marriage. The effect on his health and happiness has been profound, to say the least.

If you’re going to make this work you MUST manage your time as well as your marketing and sales plan.

Here’s how it works

One on One Coaching Session every month – either face to face, by phone, or by Skype. I’m based in Melbourne so if that’s easy enough to get to, we can meet up face to face. Otherwise, phone is fine. These sessions typically go for up to one hour. And there are clear outcomes identified to implement (that fit in with your current schedule).

Our goal in these sessions is simple: to identify your top three strategies that will increase your sales. The content is different for everyone, so I can’t tell you an agenda or what order it will go in. All I can tell you is that we’ll go for the lowest hanging fruit, to get sales now!

Because cash flow makes every other problem easier to solve. At the same time we’ll lay the foundation for longer term strategies to build your revenue.

Email/Phone Support – you can call email or call anytime with queries, problems, challenges, marketing materials that need editing – anything that helps your message getting out there and generating clients.
Note – the best way to contact me as a first port of call is email. I prioritise my top clients (which would include you) and their emails so the response would be within 24 hours.

Free Access to Public Worshops run by Elliot Hayes – each month i regularly run public workshops on sales, negotiation, time management, as well have access to other programs through my network. All of these will become freely available to you.

For example, one of my coaching clients recently attended the ‘Presentations Skills’ training, and brought two of their staff (all FREE). The normal cost would have been nearly $2k.

What does it cost?

The investment for this program is $750+gst per month.

We require a three month commitment (one month as a trial is just not enough).

You can pay the three months upfront OR you can pay a 50% deposit, and the remainder at the end of the three months. You’ll know from there if it’s a program you want to contine with.

Note – the normal fee to secure my services for a day is a minimum of $4,000. For the small business owner, we’ve tried to structure this program so that it’s affordable enough to get you started, and get sales firing. In our opinion $750+gst per month is a steal, but only IF you see the value in it.

Check out these success stories

Note – you will have access to these people in helping you decide whether you should work with me.  But for obvious reasons, they don’t all want their business stories and details posted online.

Like the story of the guy who was one step away from homeless when he came to me for help, and within twelve months he was making ten thousand per month.

Or the lady who turned her door to door pitch from an absolute fizzer to almost 100% strike rate!

Along with the client I taught how to go about increasing his price and how to do it without losing clients – he actually made more sales once he did this.

On that point, the client who doubled his price with his target market and pulled it off.

There’s also my recent work with one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, where we locked them away in a resort and drilled them on how to make even more out of the great work they were doing.

Or the deal i put together that yielded $500k in sales for a large brand name provider that you would know.

The question is – are YOU the next success story?

With all due respect to the other offerings on the market, I don’t know of any program of sales development that offers the level of details I offer, or the breadth of perspective (from time saving solutions to knockout presentations to powerhouse negotiations) to really bring the solutions together for the client.

Want to find out more?

To send an enquiry or find out more, simply email us

Or call now on 1300 316 310

Outline specifically the area you would like to focus on and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

We can discuss and exchange ideas. Then you and I can both decide whether we can work together.

Believe me, if I take you on as a client, I’ll be working my spurs off to make sure you get what you need to take your sales to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes