Fast Track Online Marketing Program

If you’re on this page it’s because you’ve been invited.

You wouldn’t have found this by searching on Google. That means we know each other in some way¬†– so welcome back ūüėõ

Now, here’s the deal.

Any way you cut it, 2012 is going to be a challenge. Massive uncertainty, financial instability – blah, blah, blah.

But it’s a waste of time and energy to focus on what we can’t control. We CAN control what message we send to our target market. And how often we send those messages.

So, I want to help you spread your presence Рboth online and offline Рwith one goal: to boost sales.

I’ve run a half dozen workshops on online marketing¬†this year, but I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can teach.

More to the point, we haven’t come close to customising it for each business¬†personally,¬†which is where the real payoff comes in. Because the large group workshop format didn’t really allow time for that.

So this is the best way for me to help you, while at the same time making it incredibly cost effective for you.

Fast Track Online Marketing Program

January to March 2012

Only ten spaces available*

*That’s not some marketing hype; you’ll easily be able to see how¬†many businesses are in the group, so it’s not possible for me to be flexible on numbers

With all the best of intentions, most businesses will NOT maximise their online marketing and sales. Let alone create an enduring presence online that continues to generate leads.

So this program is designed to walk you through three simple steps:

Рidentify what you want to achieve in sales for 2012 

– identify what you’re doing now that’s working (or not working) and enhance it…or dump it

Рwork out the smartest, fastest, most effective way of increasing sales and banking the cash

That’s it.

Part of what you’ll enjoy with this program is the simplicity.

Don’t make it more difficult than it is. For some of you, you need to get out of your own way.

Here’s how it works:

Three Action Packed Webinars

– One webinar per month (for three months) where we piece together the foundation or your online marketing attack. We’ll also handle any¬†specific queries you’ve logged, as well as other updates that you can use to increase sales.

If you can’t make these scheduled times, the webinar will be recorded and posted online for your access during the three months.

Complete access to online tutorials on the following topics:

– google ads

– facebook ads

– making your site mobile friendly

– outsourcing for pennies on the dollar

– time management tactics to make it happen

– keyword research to find out what the main ‘money phrases’ are for your business

– how to run split-tests on your site so you can maximise the sales per lead

– how to build links with key sites that increase your ranking in the search engines

Рhow to get free publicity for your business

– youtube tactics to boost traffic and sales

– how to create a newsletter that helps increase your following, your credibility and your leads

–¬†identifying potential joint venture partners and how to approach them to get a deal happening

– the keys to article marketing and how it can increase traffic and build your subscription list

– ways to link your online with your offline marketing to really compound the benefits

and a whole lot more.

Please note – each tutorial will be no more than five minutes in length (how’s that for time management?). Because you’re busy and I just want you to learn the next action step and get moving!

Plus, you’ll also receive…

One personal coaching session with me Р30 minutes in length (over the phone)

Free access to public workshops run by¬†me in 2012 (I’m very often out there speaking on different business topics)

So, what’s does all this cost?

$550+gst upfront and then….that’s it.


Well, not quite.

At the end of March 2012, IF we’ve achieved your goals and added a minimum of $10,000 (either in bookings or in¬†confirmed sales) to your¬†pipeline – you will pay me the remaining balance of $550+gst.

Of course, if you keep using what you learn then the continuing value for the rest of 2012 could be a lot more.

Yet¬†if you make nothing from it (either because you’re a lazy pill or because what i teach you doesn’t work) then we stop.

But I need to ask for the relatively small, non-refundable upfront investment of $550+gst to make sure I weed out the serious doers from the wannabes.

Sound fair?

I hope so. Because this program could turn your 2012 into a very exciting beginning. One that sets you apart from your competitors. And most importantly – one that boosts sales whilst you have a lot of FUN.

If you think this is for you, then here’s what you need to do.

Click here and send us your contact details. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your enrolment and then we’ll get started.

Or you can call my mobile direct on 0413 133 345 if you want to discuss, as a question or register your business.