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If you’ve found this page, it could only be because a trusted client of FindTime has sent you here. They were given a link to share with people they trusted who might be interested in solutions to increase their performance.

On this special page, we have a Special Report for you AND a Special Offer for you.


Special Report New Release – ‘The High Performance Workplace’

‘How to take all your workplace’s time wasting activities, tiring processes and frustrating miscommunications …and turn them into more focus, energy, ideas and results.’
By Elliot Hayes

This special report is for anyone who is challenged by the speed of change, the complexity of your business in today’s marketplace, and the number of interruptions along the way.

Here’s the link:
Simply click on the link above and it will take you to the pdf report. Save it to your desktop. Our advice is this is best absorbed if you print it out and make notes as you go.

Special Offer for Friends & Colleagues $250 Training Credit for YOU 

We’d also like to invite you to get to know us and how we can help improve results. 

This can be utilised for in-house training or public workshops (alas, this does not apply to the products and webinars. But don’t let that stop you checking them out 😉 ).

You will have until the end of May 2014 to use it. (The training may occur after May, it just needs to booked in and confirmed).

Simply contact us here stating your name, and how you found us.

Meanwhile, start getting results now with a small preview of our valuable content. Enjoy.

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