Gold Coast City Council Time Management with Microsoft Outlook

If you’re on this page it’s very likely you are a Gold Coast Council staff member (or friend thereof) – so a very warm welcome 😛

It’s been our privilege for the last five years to work with Gold Coast Council staff in helping you combine your time management skills with the tool of Microsoft Outlook.

Here’s a sample of the feedback over the last five years from your colleagues:

I believe the course would be invaluable for all staff to do.’

‘Elliot’s ability to share his vast knowledge of was the best I’ve experienced for a while and he madesure we were kept entertained and didn’t let our minds wander away.’

‘Interesting and informative…if everyone jumped on board and used Outlook more proficiently they would be able to manage their time better, save all the important emails to be attended to first and non important to attend to later.’

We’ve had great success, mainly because most people know less than ten percent of what Outlook can do. So they’re losing time they don’t need to, simply because of what they don’t know.

Interested in this course for YOU or YOUR TEAM?

Firstly, the cost is very reasonable. It works out to about $175 per person (this can vary depending on group size, so best to confirm with us).

Secondly, for a full course outline, simply click here on ‘Time Management with Microsoft Outlook’ program outline.

If we haven’t yet worked with you or your team, and you’d like to discuss it further, then simply contact us

Just make sure you mention where you’re from and we discuss it further.

Great tip to start the day when you’re using Microsoft Outlook

To that end, I want to start with a tip that will help you start using Outlook more effectively.

Check it out here:

I will continue to add content to this page, specifically for Gold Coast staff.

What would YOU like to learn more about?

Feel free to send me your queries, thoughts or feedback – and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes
About Time Management Solutions

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To call Elliot, the best way is to call his mobile number: 0413 133 345

(please note, this mobile number is not available anywhere else on this website, this is only for Gold Coast Council staff)