Creating a great sales presentation

FindTime has been doing a lot of work in this space over the last five years. 

Creating a great sales presentation is the closest you’ll get to art in business (in my opinion  🙂 

Instead of randomly saying whatever comes to mind when you’re presenting, you craft a powerful message that will stay with the audience and compete with all the emails, time pressures, calls for their attention, problems and just life in general. 

Consider this link (it’s sourced from YouTube so forgive some of the popups on it. They are not FindTime’s. It’s just this is the clearest audio quality clip we’ve found). 

It’s from a film in the 1980’s called ‘Wall Street’. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It has a very young Michael Douglas pitching his message to a group of shareholders. 

The point is, in just over four minutes this presentation uses no less than TEN key elements of a great sales presentation. And that’s just at first glance.

Check it out here at 


 The point is, if you have an important sales presentation coming up OR you have one in place already that you want to refine/upgrade/tweak, then use out presentation skills coaching. 

It’s fast, effective, time saving and the right presentation makes you money. The wrong one costs you money…every day. 

Check out the coaching service here at: 

Have a great day.

Elliot Hayes


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