Focus on thriving instead of surviving

Given last year was such a challenging year for me, I got into a habit of saying, ‘It’s okay, I’m tough. I can take it. I’ll be okay.’

And I was.

But the problem with that mindset is you can get stuck in survival mode.

‘I can take it’ is all about absorbing what’s coming, and not letting it bring you down.

The challenge is you don’t really thrive, you just survive. Thriving is about being creative.

Creating is all about giving, shaping, doing, putting it out there.

To really thrive the focus needs to be on creating.

You might have heard the old saying, ‘Turning lemons into lemonade’.

There’s an alchemy there. In practical terms, you mix in all that struggle, stress, angst and add it to some creativity and output and …it’s like alka seltzer meets vodka (forgive me the weird analogy, I couldn’t resist :).

Many people don’t even access this because once they’re in survival mode, the old habits take over and you’re on auto pilot.

So, when you’re feeling like you’re under the pump, take a breath (literally) and ask yourself,

‘Am I in survival mode here? What can I do to switch to thriving mode?
What do I want to create?’


Have a great week.


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