A technique to make 2015 your most unique

Bear with me on this, because it might sound a little confronting.

For a moment let’s imagine 2015 was your last year to live.

What would you do? How would you invest, spend, use your time?

We’ve all heard the catch cry, ‘Wow, time flies’.

Just yesterday a colleague mentioned his daughter turning 13 years old.

In honour of her birthday he posted two photos on Facebook.

One of her as a baby. One of her as a 13 year old.

Gone by in a blink,’ he wrote.

That’s how it feels.

But it’s not how it feels when you’re IN it. It’s only when you look back. And you see the comparison.

So, here’s what I want you to consider.

Fast forward your mind to Christmas 2015.

And look back. Do an imaginary comparison.

What do you want to see has happened? What do you want to have experienced? Achieved? Become?

Have you ever crossed paths with an old friend, and they ask you, ’What have you been up to lately?’ and you notice you don’t really have anything new to tell them. Reliving the same year over and over is an easy trap.

Now, there’s a trick here.

The mind does seem to like fantasy. So just imagining what you’d like to get done won’t make it so…despite what some self-help books claim.

I’ve tried every technique I can find to help get more productivity, more effectiveness, more – everything! – and in the end I can pretty much boil it down to one key method that works best of all.

It’s putting yourself in the position where you have to.

Otherwise the old habits never really die, and you’re stuck doing the same thing again and again. It really is like Groundhog day.

So, 2015 is nearly upon us!

Your time matters. You are important. Consider how you want to make, create, shape 2015.

Once you get some clarity, ask yourself,

‘What can I do to put myself in the position of making this happen? Where I can’t back out?’

Is it committing to a new project?

Booking that meeting with your boss to discuss your new career direction?

Booking that meeting with your client to discuss that new program you’re offering (which you haven’t thought of yet, but you will now you have a deadline)?

Getting a friend to go bike riding with you?

Booking into that beginner’s piano lesson and paying for it so you’re committed?

Organising that holiday – to a different place you’ve never been to – that you’ve been talking about?

Moving house into a more positive, spacious, less cluttered environment?

Getting rid of a friend who is not really good for your life? (take that one slowly, i’m not saying break up your relationships  🙂 )

Taking your partner out on that date you keep thinking of? Instead of saying, ‘we never have time to ourselves’, just book the restaurant date every month for the whole of 2015, so it’s locked into your schedule. Choose a restaurant that actually charges you the money if you don’t show up (more and more common) so you won’t pull out.

Do it. Now.

And feel free to ask for whatever help you need. You might be surprised how much knowledge and expertise you have already have access to.

Have a great 2015. But more importantly, have a progressive, interesting, unique 2015.

Thanks for listening. Have a great break.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes

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