Honda Local Online Marketing

This is a resource page for Honda Dealers to help their local, online marketing efforts.

Thank you for your time and attendance at the recent session for the dealers.

The issue is always that we end up running out of time to do each concept justice. So in talking with Basil we are considering running a proper workshop where they dealer can attend (for the first part) and the operational/marketing staff can attend for the whole session.

That way they will know how to actually implement what they need to make it happen and increase your online presence in your local area (still a very emerging opportunity with the way Google is heading as well as Facebook).

If you wish to discuss any of these strategies further, feel free to CONTACT US and organise a time (over the phone or face to face).

Slideshow Presentation


Check out these tutorials on how to advertise online to your local market

Please note – these are not Hollywood quality productions. They are short and to the point so you know how it’s done. Each tutorial is no more than five minutes in length.

Facebook Advertising

Mobile Friendly Website

Key Resource to check how friendly your site is to a mobile device –