How to Create Winning Presentations

The Challenge is that your audience is overloaded with information every single day!

Information overload means you a clear structure to your presentation

I’ve heard enough!

So how will YOUR presentation cut through all the chaos and noise and get your message across?

The answer is knowing the secret to preparing and structuring your presentation.

It sounds simple, but let me tell you most presenters screw it up!

Your presentation needs to cut through all of that and make an imprint in their mind. That requires the right knowledge and skill to create a knockout presentation.

While most people think their success as a presenter will live or die by their ability to appear confident and relaxed, I can tell you this is only half the battle.

I’ve made over a thousand presentations and initially I was extremely scared of getting in front of a group. But once I worked through that, I noticed my confidence was getting higher and my preparation was getting lower.

I knew my stuff, why prepare?

As you can imagine, my results started to tank. “What’s going wrong?” I wondered.

It was then that I found a single sheet of paper, that I have spent hundreds of hours studying and reflecting on. And it transformed my results.

Put simply, it’s my one page ‘Presentation Planning Structure”.

Once you learn the detailed knowledge and strategy behind how to use this planning structure, then creating winning presentations becomes so much simpler.

The Outcome for You

Only a small percentage of the business community actually know how to create a knockout presentation.

Put simply, at the end of this training you will be a better presenter than when they started.

You will have a clear methodology of preparation to apply when creating their presentation.

You’ll know how to use their own style and personality to present with mastery, confidence and not bore their audience.

You will know how to more effectively win the deal with their skill in moving the audience to action.

What you will learn:

The Structure of your Presentation

– being able to assemble and synthesise a large amount of information into its most digestible, persuasive form. It must be achieved without overloading or confusing the audience i.e. ‘don’t tell me how you made the clock, just tell me the time!’.

– how to use the structure and save a huge amount of time in the preparation

– organise your ideas into a structure that best delivers your critical message

– developing a methodology for making effective Powerpoint presentations (as well as using other visual aids as cues)

– clearly communicate the information when delivering presentations so that the ‘take home message’ the audience walks away with is exactly the one we intended

– how to research your audience, and what questions to ask before you get in front of your audience

– how to use free of charge research tools to take the guesswork out of your presentation, and utilise proven winning approaches to structuring your message

Method of Delivery

This program is delivered by webinar.

How Much?

You pay only $49

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