Jumpstart your Productivity – 2015 Mentoring Program

Jumpstart your Productivity 2015 Coaching Program

A program to help you get focused, energised and taking action with momentum

Designed for busy professionals, executives and business owners.

A series of one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help busy professionals and small business owners design a more effective way to get the important priorities achieved.

Case Study  – FindTime working with Apt Wealth

I had one team member in particular who had come from a self-employed structure and was now being challenged to adapt to a much more accountable, results driven workplace. 

The key with planners is that if they’re not managing their time well they really are leaving money on the table. So better time management directly impacts revenue. Plus the regulation and compliance aspects of what we do are intense, so you have to be on top of it. Time really is money!

Elliot started work one on one with Peter. 

Peter was already a reasonably successful life insurance agent.  He’s been working predominantly from home for about 20 years.

When Elliot started working with him, he had a whole mix of processes. It was really an overlap or a clash of 2 worlds – 1. Working home by himself   2. Now working on a business onsite which had very strong reporting system in place and very strong targets they are after.

 So the challenge was that he just was not getting it all done.  He was drowning in different work. There were things that were needing follow-up that has been going on for too long and his sales were starting to suffer as a result.

What Elliot did was put in place a series of simple processes, exercises and techniques.  It didn’t take a lot of time but it re-wired the way he uses his day. It changed the way he invested time in his staff to help him more often. It ended up in the change of staff with his assistant.  But when the new assistant came in that new person was walking into a much tighter system that was able to help him get up to speed more quickly.  They changed the way they structure their week. He meets with his team much more consistently.  He starts his day in a very different way.  He is much more productive overall.

The results in terms of sales revenue, in terms of productivity, in terms of promptness, professionalism and being on top of different compliance issues  – all very different from where he was when he started and that’s a credit to how he has put things in place and got the result.

Since then Elliot has worked with five other planners to apply the same principles and strategies – it has been really valuable for our business.

 John Moran – Apt Wealth Partners


This program works on four key areas:

1 – Focus
Where is your focus going? What are your goals? Your priorities? What undermines your focus in getting the right actions completed?

2 – Habits
Whether people realise it or not, their habits play a major part in how they work. Based on what they outline as their goals and directives (in part one), we look at the key habits which support their work and those which undermine their work.
We then develop strategies accordingly.

3 – Process
Finally, we look at the day to process of exactly how they’re investing their time. It could be they are highly focused, motivated and ready – it’s just their process for managing emails, tracking tasks, managing meetings – could be letting them down.

4 – Technology
This does frequently involve utilising the software – Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail – and other technology you have available to get more done.

This program has been developed over five years of in-depth research and work with people from all walks of life to help you with the challenges you’re facing and how to be more productive in meeting them.

It’s a series of one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help you figure out a better way to get things done. Individual assistance is conducted at your site or via phone/skype (whichever is most convenient for both parties). It will be tailored to fit your working environment and practices.

The program begins with an assessment of where you are now, a look at where you want to be, and the creation of a step-by-step plan of action to get you there. We will work with you (and your EA/PA) by way of one-on-one contact, backed up with on-going email and telephone support to ensure we accomplish your objectives.

Confidentiality and Reporting

There will be clear reporting to the stakeholders involved on what’s agreed, and how the participant is tracking to meet their commitments.

During each session, the participant may raise information which is marked as confidential, and that must be respected. This doesn’t conflict with the reporting required on the key deliverables. It simply allows the participant to freely express themselves during the session.

Investment in the “Jumpstart your Productivity 2015” Mentoring Program

Investment required is $2,500 for complete package (ex gst)

Your investment in this Mentoring Program includes the following components that will guarantee the success of your investment in this program:

–   Pre-coaching consultation, research and preparations

–  Facilitation of five face-to-face meetings and discussions

–  Analysis, planning and preparation between meetings

–  Supply of tools, templates, articles and other resources

–  Unlimited phone and e-mail support for 3 months


  1. The above investment is exclusive of 10% GST.
  2. Meeting facility, equipment, meals and refreshments (if any) to be provided by your organisation.
  3. The investment above includes all consultation, customisation and materials required for this coaching program as well as any travel, accommodation and meal expenses for our coach(s).

The table below outlines the return you can expect from your investment in this Executive Coaching program. The improvement you can expect as a result of this Coaching Program is a saving of around 2 hours per day and approximately $19,382.40. And even more when your PA/EA is included.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Our studies show that participants in the Executive Coaching Program can expect to gain a daily productivity improvement of up to 2 hours!  Based on a 2 hour improvement, this works out to a saving or ROI of at least $19,382.40 for you over the next 12 months! Even more when your PA/PA is included! This figure has been calculated as follows;

120 mins                                                                                              =             2 hours per day

2 hours x 240 days (based on 48 five day weeks)               =             480 hours per year

480 hours x $40.38 per hour*                                                      =             $19,382.40 per year!

                * (based on an average salary of $60K – see chart below)

By investing in productivity training there’s a cost. By not doing so, there’s an even greater cost. Either way, there’s a cost! But while one is an up front investment (not a cost) that will ‘pay off’ for years to come, the other is a hidden cost, paid silently, bit by bit, one day at a time! The ROI for this training program is clearly significant, sustainable and measurable.

Imagine the benefits if you also have your staff participate in this program. For a group of as few as 8 staff, that’s a total of $155,059.20 in productivity savings over the next 12 months! Even if only half this value was actually saved, isn’t your organisation going to be so much better off?

So, how much is your time worth?

The following table calculates the actual hourly cost of time for people at various income levels, allowing for an additional 40% in overhead costs (phone, office equipment, computer, e-mail address etc).





Total Weekly

Value per

Value per



(+40% of salary)





































































































Want to find out more?

To send an enquiry or find out more, simply email us

Or call now on 1300 316 310

Outline specifically the area you would like to focus on and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.