Kickstart 2014 Productivity Program

The “Kickstart 2014 with Momentum” Program

Two and a half hour program

Flat rate of $995+gst*

Unlimited numbers allowed to attend within your organisation

Run on-site at your office

Only available in June & July 2014

Only TEN bookings available

*Bookings outside of Victoria may incur a small travel fee

2014 is nearly half way over – and it’s worthwhile asking yourself:

What has changed?

How will the rest of 2014 be any different?

What can YOU do to make it different?

This half day program is designed to get your team focused, prepared and ready to hit the ground with momentum in the second half of 2014. 

After working with thousands of people over eight years now, we’ve got a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

The simple fact is that most people who undergo time management training do NOT change their work habits significantly as a result of the training.

The main reason is because the focus is wrong.

Most productivity training is based on two questions:

“What do you want to achieve?”  (good question)

And then:

“What do you have to do to get there?”

That’s where it becomes messy. That seconds question sounds good, but it sends people in the wrong direction and it’s the start of making sure the training doesn’t work. 


Because most people already know what they’re supposed to do. They’re just not doing it.

How to move forward and increase your productivity

So a better question to ask yourself is, “What might be the constraints holding me back?”

We’re not looking for a long list. We’re looking for one or two factors, habits, weaknesses, blockages – whatever they are – that are the biggest offenders.

Then, we minimise or eliminate them. It’s like going from walking with a dead weight around your leg to now being ‘baggage free’ and walking with a spring in your step. Getting important work done becomes a lot easier.

The next step is to NEVER rely on self discipline to make your productivity thrive.

Self discipline is the worst friend you can rely on. It’s disloyal, easily distracted and constantly changes the goal posts.

It’s far better to create an environment in which your productivity can soar. It’s too hard to explain in one course outline, but the difference is profound. And the training will show your team exactly how to construct an environment that enables your productivity – instead of undermining it.

Course Outline

Here’s what we’re going to specifically cover in the half day session (which has no limit in terms of numbers)

How to:

– identify what is holding back your productivity from going to the next level

– create an environment where your productivity can thrive instead of relying on self discipline

– manage your email productively

– prioritise effectively what you should do today (and the solution is not to just use electronic to do lists)

– improve your ability to focus

– kickstart your day with momentum

– effectively handle interruptions; including when the biggest interruption is yourself

– manage the huge amount of information that comes your way each day. You’ll learn how to find information quickly and easily and how to get what you need

– establishing an email protocol on specifically how and when to write emails

– keep your energy levels strong throughout the day

– think more creatively when trying solve problems or create innovative solutions quickly that will help the team

– use a handful of free resources available online that we’ve tested and found they will help you save time in getting things done.

Booking and Numbers are Limited

This program is only available for June & July 2014.

There will only be ten bookings available for this program, as I’m running this one myself and not using my wonderful team to roll out the training.

If you think this is right for your team and could help start the year well, then I look forward to working with the good people in your team.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes
Program Facilitator

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