Making it Happen

Turning your ideas into profitable reality.

If you’re a business owner, self -employed or salesperson – this program can help you prioritise and quickly turn your most profitable ideas into commercial reality.

Does this problem look familiar?

LOTS OF IDEAS…Zero Results!

Information overload means you a clear structure to your presentation

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all you should and could do!

Turning a band of business owners into ONE clear direction

Recently I had to facilitate a session for a very spirited, opinionated, strong-willed group of business owners. There were about fifteen business owners in the room and all of them had very clear ideas and expansive ideas.

Through this process that we are spelling out for you in the “Making it Happen” program, we thought of 30 different ideas and condensed that down into one clear direction for the whole group to move forward, to promote their businesses.

When you consider the previous meetings, no one could agree on anything,  people were frustrated and in some cases downright abusive.  It was an amazing transformation to achieve at the end of a ninety minute session.

That’s just one example of how powerful the “Make it Happen” program process can be

This program will help you take all your ideas, put it through the ‘magic filter’ and come at the other end with clear idea of what is next, what was going to follow that in the medium term and what was part of a strategic direction for the long term.

Don’t get stuck in the ‘no fly’ zone

Most people have hundreds of ideas but very little result. Or they have the same ideas over and over and even a year, two years, three years later they still have those same ideas and haven’t done anything with it.

The problem is that the idea becomes stale because they’re so used to it. Plus, they haven’t got a process to test the idea very quickly and decide if it is a winner or not. If you are a business owner or in charge of your own sales and marketing efforts then you really want to get ideas happening to increase profit.

The longer it takes to get the idea into reality, the more it costs you

The faster you can get it done, the faster you can start banking the money.  Honestly, as we move into the new year,  you have an opportunity to put together what you want to see happening for 2014.  If you waste that window of time at the start of the year to get things happening, you’ll regret it.

Just as importantly, knowing what ideas should be dumped very quickly is just as powerful to your bottom line and success. I know can spend literally years working on an idea that either from the very outset you can tell that it was not going to work or by the time they get it out there it has already been done by a “Me too” company and you look like an idiot even if you had the idea first.

You really don’t want to say ‘Happy New Year 2015’ and find that nothing has really changed

So, a good idea with a strong process of making it happen is far better than a great idea that really has no process with which to make it happen. You end up with basically  a whole lot of hot air, pipe dreams that will never happen and that is costing you money, time, energy, relationships.

Conversely, knowing how to bring ideas into the market quickly to test them in very inexpensive ways and decide what is the next step I take that not only feeds your profitability, feeds your focus, helps you manage your time, it saves you energy and on top of that it is a whole lot more fun.

Own the process that FILTERS your ideas into real opportunities

So, this program is designed to really give you the tools to turn all these ideas put them through a filter and come out the other end knowing what’s next and how to outsource that to make it happen as quickly as possible because the essence here is being one of speed.

Speed is super important particularly if you are a small to medium size business owner.  It is probably important in all businesses but if you are someone who does not have a huge amount of resources or funds or massive team behind you; then you’re not big so your other end needs to be fast and it’s really a case of a quicker of a date here.

So try this program out and if you are not absolutely convinced it will help you in your marketing, sales, and idea testing efforts in the next 12 months, then we will refund your money.

Because the most important asset you have is your TIME.

And there’s the challenge — the more you learn about what you CAN DO, the more overloaded you can get.

This program will show you how to make things happen (on a shoestring budget).

It will help you identify, plan and prioritise your next steps so you can turn your ideas into profit in the fastest possible timeframe — instead of staggeringly slowly like most small business owners who are feeling out of control and behind the eight ball.

This program could be the most valuable one you attend to act as the glue between your ideas and your action.

Your presenter for this program: Elliot Hayes

Elliot is an industry training consultant who trains in productivity, time management, innovation in the workplace and sales and marketing. He has worked across several different industries ranging from telecommunications and education, to film and television, to corporate training and development.

Price – $59 (gst inclusive)

What you get:

– exclusive online access to the filmed event of the workshop conducted live for over thirty business owners

– downloadable workbook

– Templates of job sheets, to do lists, tipsheets

– Follow up Webinar (to be accessed 30 days after you go through the dvd and manuals)

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