Marketing Workshop June 2012

The Outcome for You

Only a small percentage of people in business actually know how to maximise their marketing efforts.

Put simply, at the end of this course you will know how to use the power of marketing to grow your sales.

You will have a clear plan of how to implement it the moment you leave the room.

You’ll know how to stand out from your competition, and not get lost in the noise that surrounds your prospective customers every day.

The course: Marketing Workshop

When: June 22nd, 2012

Where: CBD; exact venue to be advised upon confirmation

How much: $395+gst

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The latest relevant trends for 2011.

How you can use them to grow your small business and stand out from your competition

You may not realise it, but it’s never been a better time to market your small business online. Why?


Well, take Google for instance. Google wants to create the best user experience for its customers. And that means that ‘local’ search results are the top priority. That spells opportunity for small business and the smart ones are already making more sales just from this one point.

This also gives you a chance to take on the big boys without having the budget they do.

Mobile Searches

Did you know that 40% of Apple’s revenue comes from the iphone? So what, you ask?

Well, that means when people are looking for you they are accessing your website through a mobile device, NOT from their laptop or desktop.

Is your website user friendly to browse through a mobile? Most are not. But if you know how to set them up properly you can easily stand out from your competition when people are looking for you.


Facebook is now taking on Google as the number one website in the world. So is it just about catching up with friends and hearing about every boring thing they’re doing?

The implications are far greater if you run a small business. The ability to target your specific market through Facebook is possibly one of the best opportunities the internet has ever produced – if you know how to utilise it.

It can be overwhelming! Where do I start?

The internet as a marketing tool can be very confusing. Where do you start? Which one is the best?

This workshop will focus on these specific trends and the practical ways you can utilise them to boost your sales in your small business.

Keeping it simple

Any take home action point you gain from this workshop will cost little or nothing to implement. It will take no longer than thirty minutes a day to integrate into your business, and will work alongside whatever your current marketing strategies are.

To enrol (or find out more) here’s what you do

Simply send an email to Elliot Hayes with your name and contact details. And we’ll confirm within twenty four hours.

Or you can call us now on 1300 316 310

Not sure if this is for you?

Then can we suggest you talk to the trainer directly and discuss what you would like to learn? That way you can make the best decision as to whether this course is right for you. Here’s his mobile number, you can call Elliot Hayes right now – 0413 133 345.

About your trainer – Elliot Hayes

Elliot Hayes has worked across seven different industries – ranging from telecommunications to film and television to corporate training and development. It was during his tenure as manager of one of the top Optus franchises in Australia that he began to develop his skills as a trainer and educator.
He has been running training and development programs for over eight years. Specialising in communication and productivity skills.
He has featured in BRW, and his clients have included Australia Post, Telstra, Department of Justice, and Optus.
Elliot also consults and trains in the areas of innovation in the workplace, sales and marketing. He is also a qualified tai chi instructor.

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