Negotiation Skills – how to get what you want

Do you ever feel like you’re being manipulated?

Or you don’t seem to be able to get the outcomes you want in your dealings with people?

You don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate. Negotiation is a life skill that can save you money, time and stress.

You will learn practical strategies on how to apply the principles of negotiation to get what you want. Instead of putting people off side, you’ll learn how to be assertive without ruining the long term relationships with the people involved.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • The elements of successful negotiation
  • A systematic approach to negotiation planning
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Common errors in negotiation
  • How to generate options that create financial returns and value for all players
  • Improving relationships within negotiations
  • Neutralise difficult negotiations and their tactics
  • Maintaining control of your negotiation strategy
  • Learn when to walk away
  • Closing the deal
Target Audience

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to build their confidence and skill in negotiation to achieve better outcomes for themselves and the organisation they represent.