Boost your Productivity with MS Outlook 2007

Here’s a message from our chief facilitator, Elliot Hayes:

Whenever I’m running my workshops, I always hand out a detailed forty page workbook to supplement the training.

Eventually I got the message and started adding one more tool – a one page summary of the whole course. No prizes for guessing which one was more popular – the one pager!

Welcome to the ‘One Page Plan to Boost your Productivity with MS Outlook’

It’s a dynamic way of learning – everything you need in one page!

It has twelve points that, if you apply to your work, you cannot help but improve your productivity.

You also receive access to a detailed webinar tutorial for each specific point.

That way there is no confusion as to how you do it.

So this one page is backed up by a total of over 100 minutes of tutorials that you can pick and choose from (instead of wading through a huge book or file with a whole bunch of information you don’t want).

‘Time Management with Microsoft Outlook’ is a webinar designed to help you use the tool of Microsoft Outlook to improve your productivity skills.

Just the tool of email alone is costing organisations thousands of dollars per year without the proper skills and policies in place (which 90% of organisations do NOT have)

We’ve had the privilege of training over eight thousand people in how to combine time management principles with technology to save valuable time, money and energy

You will learn specific processes and strategies that you can apply immediately to help improve your productivity.

Microsoft Outlook Strategies

Your Inbox

  • Using Rules and Alerts to manage your email traffic
  • Using the ‘Organize’ function to sort emails more effectively
  • Options and settings for sending emails to make it more user friendly
  • Methods of finding emails quickly when they need to be retrieved

Your Calendar

  • The easiest way to schedule meetings with your colleagues
  • Effective ways to view your schedule when you’re looking ahead
  • Sharing your calendar
  • Responding to appointments
  • Tracking responses to calendar appointment

Your Tasks

  • How to manage emails that require actions to be completed – in the short or longer term
  • How to use tasks as an effective prioritising tool
  • How to sort/group/view tasks in the most user friendly ways
  • Helping Outlook tasks to work in tandem with any pda tools – such as iphone/blackberry
  • How to use tasks as a feedback tool to identify areas to save more time, improve processes and get more done
  • How to delegate tasks within the organisation in the most time efficient way

As well tips and tricks in your Contacts, Journal and other user friendly views within Outlook that will save you time and improve productivity

You do NOT need to be an I.T. guru to gain new skills in a short time frame. There won’t be heavy technical jargon. Rather it will be a hands-on workshop designed to give you skills in how to make Microsoft Outlook work for you as a time management tool.

You have three choices:

One – you can do nothing. That’s fine, but it has a cost built into it which you’re paying every day with what you don’t know.

Two – you can learn from a BIG textbook (unlikely for most people):

It's one way to learn but for many people it doesn't work

Three– you can learn it all from ONE page

Learning is so much easier when it’s all in one page!

The price for the ‘One Page Plan’ is $49 (gst inclusive)

Email here to secure your purchase if you use Microsoft Outlook 2007

For owners of the ‘One Page Plan’ you also have the option of a discounted Online Coaching Session (which includes six months of ‘Email Support’ free of charge)

If you want to have the one pager with its supporting materials on its own, that will be an excellent foundation for you.

If, however, you’d like to add a coaching/support element into what you’re learning to really take your fast track and customise this knowledge for your work, consider this.

Customised, hands on Coaching Session for an extra $149 (that’s over 40% discount)

For an extra $149+gst (a one off fee) you will receive a one hour coaching session conducted over the phone and online at a time that suits you. This will involve hosting a live customised webinar during the coaching session.

You will also have six months support, whereby you can email us with any queries at all related to the material covered in the one page program.

Note: the standard price for a one hour coaching session with me is $250, however for one page plan customers it’s heavily discounted to help you apply this knowledge.

To book your coaching session, here’s what to do:

If you’d like to take advantage of the coaching session, simply contact us with the headline ‘One Page Coaching Session’ and we will contact you to organise time and payment details.

We look forward to helping you transform your productivity.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes