Presentation Skills Program

How to overcome your fear and use the techniques of the masters to achieve a standing ovation when you present

The Outcome for You

Only a small percentage of the community actually know how to give a knockout presentation.

Put simply, at the end of this course you will be a better presenter than when you started.

You will have a clear methodology of preparation to apply when creating your presentation.

You’ll know how to use your own style and personality to present with mastery, confidence and not bore your audience. You will know how to more effectively win the deal with your skill in moving the audience to action.

Presentation Skills – What will you learn?

There are two key areas you will learn how to master in this training:

1 – The Structure of your Presentation

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2 – The Style to Communicate your Presentation:

  • How to take the best of your own style and enhance the effectiveness of the presentation. Being a great presenter is not about becoming someone you’re not, rather it’s about becoming the best presenter  by utilising your own unique style.
  • Exactly how to use your tone, words and body language to present in a compelling way that has the listeners excited to hear what’s coming next
  • Tips to increase your energy and ‘presence’ when you present to a group so you stand out amongst your competitors
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult/challenging people in the audience and how to keep control of the presentation without being derailed
  • Tips to increase your confidence in presenting with impact
  • Walk away with an energised motivation to improve their skill and impact in this powerful, important communication skill

This includes your ‘Communication and Influencing Skills’

  • Body language
  • Tone
  • Words
  • How to use all these elements to have presence, impact and engagement
  • Strategies to move your audience to action (the logical next step)
  • Lessons from the masters – strategies that the great performers and communicators utilise every day and how can adopt that into our presentation style
  • Adapting these strategies into your natural style to enhance your strengths

The key theme is always: Practise – Practise – Practise

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