FindTime Productivity Membership Program

The busy person’s guide to getting the most out of your precious time – now!

Learn cutting edge, practical techniques from a former ‘Banana in Pyjamas’  who has gone on to help thousands of people save time, money and energy – no matter what their role.

Our goal is to help you achieve more with less, and have FUN along the way  🙂

Click here for a summary one page pdf: FindTime-Productivity-Membership-Program-Summary

Elliot Hayes

Dear Friend.

If you want more out of your time, you’re feeling stuck, like you’ve plateaud OR you’re doing well and you want to do even better …..then keep reading because what I’m about to reveal may be the next big breakthrough for your productivity and results.

Okay, so who am I and why is it a good idea to listen to me?

My name is Elliot Hayes and over the last ten years, I’ve helped several thousand people get more out of their time, effort and resources. I’ve defined myself by specialising in one key area – practical solutions.

It’s not about general platitudes, but practical, try it now and get the results – solutions.

Over the last decade I’ve obsessed over strategies and techniques.

Because I find them much more reliable than moods, motivation, economic trends, and especially trying to ‘wing it’ when I couldn’t be bothered planning it out.

I know there are plenty of ‘time management’ trainers out there. But if you take a look at the case studies at the bottom of this page, it’s hard to find someone with stronger results from real people with real challenges. And they’re just a small sample of the work I’ve done over the last decade.

Now I’ve come to a point where I have so much knowledge of this area that I can’t teach it all in one workshop.

Which is why I’ve created the FindTime Productivity Membership Program.

With this membership program you can pick and choose what information you need that is most relevant to you. You’ll have access 24/7

Here is what you receive when you join the program:

Weekly Update

In my case, I tend to work well with a short , sharp weekly update to keep me on track. So FindTime members will get the same.

To kick off the week, you’ll get a practical weekly injection of an idea, technique or initiative that can help you be more productive.

Monthly Group Coaching Call

You get the benefit of a regular, group coaching call conducted every month where you can raise any question you have about working smarter with your productivity and we’ll get to the bottom of it (either through my knowledge or by accessing my team of extraordinary colleagues).

Where possible the call will be recorded (unless participating members request otherwise, which they have the right to do).

The list of webinars to be added in the next three months (in no particular order) includes:

Microsoft Excel – sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced

Identity theft – how to protect yourself without going insane and disconnecting from the world

How to think more creatively and innovatively to achieve better  solutions, faster outcomes

Time efficient, leveraged lead generation techniques for sales people/business developers

LinkedIn – how to use it as a career development tool (without wasting your time on it!)

Negotiation skills techniques for the busy person

Outsourcing for business owners and employees alike

Boosting your own personal productivity 

Microsoft Powerpoint – how to use it without having it make your presentation drag

Running effective meetings

Tai Chi for the Busy Executive

Twitter – huge in Europe, slowly getting there in Australia. You can use this to be ahead of the curve

YouTube – Using the power of video to helps your team, your career, your networking, your business

We’ve aimed to make each webinar worth the cost of the membership alone.

Special Access to the FindTime Vault of Online Resources

This will include online programs such as:

– Time Management with Microsoft Outlook

– Making it  Happen

– Business Writing Skills

– How to create powerful presentations in record time (this is a must whether you present to groups or meet one on one)

– Plenty more as we go, but that’s hopefully an enough of an outline for now  🙂

Public Workshop

There will be an annual ‘Make it Happen’ workshop live (the venue is still to be confirmed) where you can come and interact, meet like minded people and build your skills face to face with me.

Discounts on High Level Public Workshops & Webinars

I regularly run workshops (that cost from $425 – $1000 to get in the door). You’ll be offered places at these workshops at a heavily discounted price. The same goes for high level webinars I run. Places are always limited, so as members you’ll be top of the list for any special offers.


One of your biggest challenges is TIME.

So the membership site model helps you learn at a digestible pace. Dip in, get the update and then get the result.

If I delivered a huge box to your door of materials, the chances are you wouldn’t know where to start. It’s too overwhelming.

So less is more here. Learn a little, do a lot. Sound good ?



This whole membership program costs $220 for the full twelve month membership.

That’s right. Just $220 for an entire year. 

Why is it so cheap? Well it won’t be for long. So get cracking now before the price doubles.

Let’s get started. I can’t wait.

To your success,

Elliot Hayes


Case studies – don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients say after I’ve worked with them:

‘I would thoroughly recommend you consider running the ‘Time Management” course for your colleagues. It’s a course I believe the whole hotel group would benefit from. The time it will save you and the confidence it will give you will be well worth the investment.’

Matthew Young, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Canberra

It provided great benefit to our staff so thank you.  My only regret is that we should have organised this sooner.”

Jane Robertson – Human Resources Manager Asia Pacific  – THQ Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.  

“Elliot has been transformational in helping people manage their email. Some of our members have used him and they’ve totally cleared their inbox… he doesn’t charge much; I don’t think he’s figured out what he’s worth!”

Harvey Martin  – Regional Director for “The Executive Connection”

On behalf of Management and all the staff here at Mediamotive – – I want to say a huge thank-you to you.

You have been such a pleasure to work with and I want to thank you for your professionalism and for your patience and understanding as I tried to organise 40+ unruly staff (:

The sessions were informative, engaging and fun and everyone learned from them. But most importantly you made me look good!

Peta Garside  –

‘Your productivity training has changed the whole way I work – thank you!’

KNP Solutions

I will use the presentation planning structure for all my presentations both within and external of Sanitarium…the mixture of theory and practise really suited this course.’

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing – Sales Team 

‘Elliot, your dynamic and inspirationally presentation on ‘How to use the Power of Innovation in your Marketing and Sales to Boost Profits’ will go down as a highlight in our event calendar. The feedback has been overwhelming, their message was consistent, “great night, memorable evening, fun event, Elliot’s delivery style was honest and full of energy, his ideas and knowledge has left us inspired to make changes in our approach to marketing.’

Lynda Bredin – Manager Business Development – Glen Eira City Council

‘I would like to personally thank you for such an enriching day. I am already starting to implement changes & there will be more to come over the next few months. I also have mentioned this to the training department at Honda Australia in Tullamarine. They would appreciate it if you could touch base with to perhaps organise some future training.’

Frank InterdonatoHonda Australia  

‘I first sought out Elliot from because the results I wanted to achieve were learning to structure speeches, presentations and general meetings. Communication is a major part of my job so being able to articulate what i want to say so my message is clear is so important.

The process we went through to get there was challenging and confronting as learning to talk to a group is never easy. The more i learnt with Elliot the more my confidence grew. He helped me understand my audience better and strangely enough really enjoyed it. Elliot did a great job in helping me format and deliver a speech to 900 people and it went really well.

In the end, I delivered my speech and the feedback I received was great. The enjoyed what i had to say and said how confident i came across which was exactly what i wanted. Really enjoyed Elliot and have no doubt he has changed the way i will now address speaking in public.”

Kristy Bartlett – General Manager Ray White Victoria/Tasmania