Products to Boost your Sales and Marketing Results

Boost your Sales

Key strategies to give your sales a ‘shot in the arm’ and kickstart your pipeline.

Professional Sales Skills

Learn the skills that can take you to the top 20% of salespeople in any industry.

Account Management for Salespeople

Learn how to make the most of your time and grow your territory.

Negotiation Skills for Salespeople

All the effort goes into making the sale, but that last (sometimes very short) discussion on price can make all the difference between profit and loss.

Creating Winning Presentations

Some people spend days preparing for a fifteen minute presentation. Others do NO preparation whatsoever. This product will show you how to create a new presentation from scratch in the shortest possible time frame.

Online Marketing for Local Business

Learn the keys to marketing your business online and leveraging the tremendous (and often free) resources available to you right now.

Lead Generation for your Business or Sales Pipeline

Instead of hassling people to take your calls, learn how to get your target market CALLING YOU to discuss your product. This makes a huge difference, and saves a huge amount of time. The key skill you need is how to generate leads.