Promoting your Business with Video Marketing

‘The feedback has been great, our dealers were able to create compelling videos within half an hour of your program. Thank you.’

Basil Louis – Honda Australia

It’s hard to miss the fact that VIDEO is growing. YouTube is consistently one of the most popular sites in the world, and that’s a visual medium.

With the growth of smart phones, people can now consume video content anywhere, anytime.

If you’re a salesperson or small business owner with little or no budget for creating videos, then this program is for you.

Creating videos to market your business with little or no cost has never been so easy.

But still many salespeople and business owners get stuck, confused and end up holding off. The main challenge is they don’t have a process to follow to make it simple for them.

Each day you don’t have videos working for you can be costing you money!

In this half day program, you will learn:

– the seven key scenarios you can use to create a video

– how to plan out and story board your short video to save time with the creating and editing phase

– FREE editing software you can use to assemble your video within half an hour

– the right type of shots to take when using your smartphone to create the video (you don’t have to stock up on thousands of dollars of equipment just yet!)

– how to share your video online (via YouTube, social media, your blog and others we’ll discuss) for maximum impact

– the many ways you can use your video to promote your business, close sales, develop partnerships, and grow your brand

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