Time Management with Groupwise

How to stop being controlled by your inbox and take control of your productivity

Most people know less than ten percent of how to use any software they interact with on a daily basis – especially Groupwise.

That means every time they sit at their desk they are losing time they don’t need to, simply because their skills may not be up to date.

This is a workshop designed to help you use the tool of Groupwise to improve your ability in the areas of:

  • Email Management: one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Some of you are receiving up to 200 emails a day. We’ll show you how to have an almost empty inbox and stop email from driving you crazy
  • Priority Management: prioritise daily tasks so that you get the important tasks done first
  • Time Management: easily track what you have to get done and who you have to meet with
  • Information Management: some people spend a great deal of time just looking for information in their inbox
  • Email Protocol: establish an email protocol on specifically how and when to write emails.

The power of this workshop is that you don’t have to be an I.T. guru to gain new skills in a short time frame. There won’t be heavy technical jargon.

Rather it will be a hands-on workshop designed to give you skills in how to make Groupwise work for you as a time management tool – instead of the other way around. We will teach you specific processes and strategies that you can apply immediately to help improve your productivity.

Learning Objectives:

Below is a list of the course content and learning objectives:

  • manage your email
  • learn how to utilise the tool of Groupwise to support your work and save you time
  • identify those interruptions that monopolise your day
  • identify strategies to increase proactive time and become less reactive
  • organise and complete your own work schedule in a controlled manner
  • recognise the important and urgent parts of your role

Twelve Months of “Post Workshop Support” – to help reinforce the learning

Each participant will receive email tips that help reinforce the information covered in the workshop.

Any participant will have the option of contacting the facilitator for up to six months after the workshop to trouble shoot any challenges they’re having in implementing the course material.

Recent Case Study from Swinburne University

Late last year they rolled out the ‘Boost your Productivity with Groupwise’ training to Student Operations staff

Student Operations Managers wanted to provide tools to assist all staff manage their workloads better.  One of the drivers was an increased volume of work in all areas particularly over the past 12 months.

Student Operations staff received half day ‘hands on training’ in small groups of 12 in ‘Boost Your Productivity with Groupwise’, with Managers attending an additional half day training “How to get more done as a Manager”.

The main benefits staff got out of it

Learning outcomes for staff included how to better manage home page, tasks, short cuts.
80% of respondents strongly agreed that the program had increased their learning and understanding; 77% strongly agreed that the program had provided specific ideas to use in their jobs.

Here are some quotes (recommendations) from several participants:

  • Very clear, interesting, not boring, excellent.
  • Very good, much better than expected.
  • Too short, more time please!
  • Great trainer.
  • More sessions on Groupwise (to learn other features)
  • I think this is something staff should do when they first start at Swinburne to make it easier for them with managing their time, rather than staff who have been there for years and have to learn to break habits.
  • This formula (relevance, timing, class size) was received favourably by staff.  Helped that the presenter was so good (Manager quote).
  • One month on, I feel more efficient

Jan McAdam – Associate Director; Student Operations @ Swinburne University

Feedback from other clients

Earlier in the year, I met with Elliot and discussed the issue of managing emails, endlessly urgent tasks, and other communication issues arising from technology. Having previously had training in how to use our technology as a time management tool, I knew this would be a valuable course for my staff. We were also keen to drive the message home about using email effectively and appropriately as a communication tool.

We ran the program initially for about thirty of our staff and the feedback has been excellent. The team has been quick to apply some key strategies from the course. They have found it helped them tremendously.

Our business is coming into an extremely busy time for our team as we take on a large new contract. We wanted the team to be able to use their time effectively. I would thoroughly recommend you consider running the ‘Time Management” course for your colleagues. It’s a course I believe the whole hotel group would benefit from. The time it will save you and the confidence it will give you will be well worth the investment.’
Matthew Young, Manager, Crowne Plaza Canberra