Upgrade to Office 2010 Training

How to Get More Done with Office 2010

If you’re upgrading from Microsoft Office 2003/2007 to Microsoft Office 2010 you will find the biggest change so far in your history of using Office’s design, layout and features available.

Microsoft have kept pace with the changing demands of today’s work and added features that make your job easier.

But – if you don’t know where to find these features, how to access them or how to relate these tips back to what you already know based on your use of the previous versions…

You will get very confused!

This course is designed to help you upgrade your knowledge on the following areas of Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7

Below is a sample outline for a three hour session. Please note this outline is flexible, depending on the feedback received from you.

Windows 7

New features in Windows 7

  • Using the Start menu and Taskbar
  • Easy new methods for locating files
  • Setting up Gadgets
  • Switching between files
  • Locking and shutting down the PC

Office 2010 – Common Features

  • New Interface
  • Backstage View
  • New File Formats and saving as PDF
  • Program Options
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Mini Formatting Toolbar
  • Customising the Status Bar

Microsoft Outlook

  • Setting up
  • Instant Search
  • Quick Steps
  • Conversation View
  • Attachment Preview
  • People Pane
  • Colour categories

Microsoft Word

  • Quick Styles
  • Page Layout
  • Headers and Footers
  • Creating Smart Art
  • Mail Merge

Microsoft Excel 

  • Formula Bar and Name Box
  • Function Autocomplete
  • Cell Styles
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Conditional Formatting

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Slide Layouts
  • Convert to Smart Art
  • Picture Effects
  • Animations and Transitions

Length of Session

This is a three hour workshop that will give you an introduction on each of the key Office programs.

You won’t need to be an I.T. guru to master these skills. It will be taught in practical, easy to understand language.

Tips Sheets to Support the Learning

Instead of a voluminous manual that will overload the participant with information, each component of the course will be supported with practical tip sheets. These are easily accessible for the learner and save them time when they’re trying to find a quick answer to a question.

Twelve Months of “Post Workshop Support” – to help reinforce the learning

Each participant will receive email tips that help reinforce the information covered in the workshop.

Any participant will have the option of contacting the facilitator for up to twelve months after the workshop to trouble shoot any challenges they’re having in implementing the course material.

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