Victoria University – Time Management with MS Outlook

Most people these days use Microsoft Outlook, but many know less than 10% of what it can do. That means you’re losing time because of what you don’t know.

Over the last few years, we’ve had the good fortune to work with more than one hundred Victoria University staff in this area (as well as a further 5000 across Australia in many different industries) and the feedback has been excellent.

‘Time Management with Microsoft Outlook’ is a training program designed to help you use the tool of Microsoft Outlook to improve your productivity skills.

You will learn specific processes and strategies that you can apply immediately to help improve your productivity, including: 

– Email Management: one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Some of you are receiving up to 200 emails a day. We’ll show you how to have an almost empty inbox and stop email from driving you crazy.

– Priority Management: prioritise daily tasks so that you get the important tasks done first.

– Time Management: easily track what you have to get done and who you have to meet with.

– Information Management: some people spend a great deal of time just looking for information in their inbox.

– Email Protocol: establish an email protocol on specifically how and when to write emails.

As well tips and tricks in your Contacts, Journal and other user friendly views within Outlook that will save you time and improve productivity

You do NOT need to be an I.T. guru to gain new skills in a short time frame. There won’t be heavy technical jargon. Rather it will be a hands-on workshop designed to give you skills in how to make Microsoft Outlook work for you as a time management tool.

Format – this will be run as a webinar on a request basis

Twelve Months of “Post Workshop Support” – to help reinforce the learning

Each participant will receive email tips that help reinforce the information covered in the workshop.

Any participant will have the option of contacting the facilitator for up to twelve months after the workshop to trouble shoot any challenges they’re having in implementing the course material.

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Email  Us or call Our hotline  -1300 316 310

Or we can organise a time to meet – face to face or over the phone – to discuss it further.

Check out below this FREE video tutorial preview of our ‘Time Management with Outlook’ program

Note – some people like the theory and principles behind these skills. Some just want to cut to the chase and learn the tips (:

If you’re the ‘fast track’ person who just wants the techniques, then fast forward to 1:33 to see the Outlook tips.


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Email Management Special Report by Elliot Hayes

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Time Management with Microsoft Outlook – Participant Feedback from Victoria University Staff

Hi Elliott,

Thanks so much for the training session and the follow up, both of which were/are excellent.

I must apologise again for leaving early. When one works in an area which serves the public that has to take preference and on the day we were short staffed, hence I had to be on time to relieve a colleague.

Again thank you,

Krina Mcfarlane  

Hi Elliot,

I have been implementing what you taught and I am finding myself much more organised. I really admire your teaching style your course is very worthwhile if you have any advanced classes let me know. I will also keep you in mind next year for a session with my staff.

Kindest Regards

Carole Race

Education Manager-Financial Services

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I attended Time Management PD this morning. It was very good course. it exceeded my expectation. Elliot is very enthusiastic presenter. I like it very much.


Best Regards,

Jittra Knox

International Student Support Officer

Thank you very much for the session this morning- it was very refreshing and I learned a lot.


Andrew Rudge

Thank you so much for your training session today.

Jenny Cameron

Dear Elliot

Just to let you know that when I returned to my desk all the tasks etc that we’d set up were in my outlook.

Thanks for a really great and useful course.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Maura Croghan

Organisational Development Consultant