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Seven secret Gmail features you didn’t know existed

Yesterday I was with one of my top clients – a very busy lady – and she uses Gmail for her work. I showed her two shortcut tricks that are quicker than the way she was doing it. She loved it. It’s just she never knew they existed. The next day I find this article .. read more

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Mindfulness at Work – Interview with Dr Stephen McKenzie

Yesterday I had a fascinating discussion with Dr Stephen McKenzie about Mindfulness at Work. His focus is how being ‘Mindful’ at work can help productivity, focus, stress management, and decisions. I can’t tell you how many clients have sent off emails that should NOT have gone out, simply because they weren’t being mindful. I recorded .. read more

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Top Regret of the Dying

I visited my mother recently. No she’s not dying, she’s a real go getter, still working and doing lots of things in her sixties. On her coffee table I noticed a book she’d recently got. It was called, “Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, by Bronnie Ware. I flicked through the table of contents and .. read more

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