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Focus on thriving instead of surviving

Given last year was such a challenging year for me, I got into a habit of saying, ‘It’s okay, I’m tough. I can take it. I’ll be okay.’ And I was. But the problem with that mindset is you can get stuck in survival mode. ‘I can take it’ is all about absorbing what’s coming, .. read more

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Dressing for Success – for the busy person (who’s not a fashion guru) – with Claire Nass

During one of my presentation skills workshops, a great presenter named Claire Nass got up and spoke on the issue of fashion and dress sense. The impact of it on your image, how important it is, and how easy it is to take charge of (even and especially if you are NOT a fashion guru). .. read more

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What can you do?

Last week I took the kids to a museum. Had all kinds of fun activities for kids (and adults). As I’m waiting for them to finish building a Lego construction, I see this image projected onto the floor from a light above:               In case that’s a bit fuzzy, .. read more

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