About Us

About Time Management Solutions was founded to achieve one goal – to help create a high performance workplace.

Every day we pinch ourselves that we’re so lucky to work with the clients we do. Not because they’re some of the most successful organizations in Australia (although some of them are  :-)). It’s because they’re amazing people, who are hungry for anything that makes them more…


Essentially MORE.

But they often have to try to achieve more with less.

Originally, the concept was simple – help people manage their overloaded inbox. Email was a newcomer and it was driving people crazy. What we realised was that the majority of staff in your average workplace didn’t even know how to use the software tool (most commonly Microsoft Outlook).

What evolved from there was a combination of time management principles with technology.

We now deliver training, coaching and consulting across three key areas:

– technology

– productivity

– communication

Over the last ten years, we continue to refine our solutions to make them cutting edge and relevant. Our clients are busier than ever, and even the training space (formerly sacrosanct) is now constantly interrupted. So we need to move with the times.

For example, our technology training courses never go for more than half a day. Why? Because busy people can’t possibly concentrate on software training for any longer. Our goal is to teach them what they need to know, not everything they could do – but wouldn’t necessarily use.

As our success grew in helping people save time (and frustration) with technology, they began to ask for help in other areas of importance.

How to help make more of their sales efforts, their communication, their marketing, their sales efforts, the other technology tools they have at their disposal? All these challenges come back to the most important asset – time. The more effectively you can leverage your resources, the more time, money and energy you save.

We have experts across Australia, ready to dive in and work with our clients to get the best result.

And since we’ve been privileged to work with some of the best organisations in Australia, if you think you might benefit from what we do, we look forward to meeting you.

The FindTime Team