Interview on ‘Innovative Leadership’ with Nicholas Oddy

This was a fascinating interview I had with ‘Innovative Leadership’ specialist Nicholas Oddy. Nick has worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, helping them foster innovation into their culture and their process. We covered the aspirational aspects of innovation, but also the nitty gritty of how YOU can get started, how you can .. read more

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Seven secret Gmail features you didn’t know existed

Yesterday I was with one of my top clients – a very busy lady – and she uses Gmail for her work. I showed her two shortcut tricks that are quicker than the way she was doing it. She loved it. It’s just she never knew they existed. The next day I find this article .. read more

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Mindfulness at Work – Interview with Dr Stephen McKenzie

Yesterday I had a fascinating discussion with Dr Stephen McKenzie about Mindfulness at Work. His focus is how being ‘Mindful’ at work can help productivity, focus, stress management, and decisions. I can’t tell you how many clients have sent off emails that should NOT have gone out, simply because they weren’t being mindful. I recorded .. read more

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Top Regret of the Dying

I visited my mother recently. No she’s not dying, she’s a real go getter, still working and doing lots of things in her sixties. On her coffee table I noticed a book she’d recently got. It was called, “Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, by Bronnie Ware. I flicked through the table of contents and .. read more

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Female bank executive manages time to get ahead

Interesting article on a female bank executive who’s showing a great example of women in leadership. Importantly, she credits her time management skills as critical to her success. Every working mum we’ve worked with has had a similar excellence in their time management skills. Check it out: 

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Your NOT To Do list

I know time management is very much about ‘to do lists’ and ‘priorities’. But take a moment to reflect on what you will NOT do in 2014. What are the tasks, rituals, little habits you have that are costing you? That won’t cut it for your new year of plans, goals and hopes? Knowing what .. read more

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Interview with Elliot Hayes by ‘The Age’ on productivity

Hi Everyone, Hope your week has kicked off well. Just got notice from the journalist that an interview I did with ‘The Age’ has been published. Here’s the link: Enjoy. Warmest regards, Elliot Hayes

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Practical tip for writing effective emails (including an Outlook Trick)

Emails can be deadly. To your business, your productivity and your communication. Talking with a client of mine the other day he discussed how someone he works with did NOT like the proposal. But his email said ‘We will proceed.” Really, you sure? Actually, he meant to say, “We will NOT proceed”. Check out this .. read more

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More tips on improving your FOCUS

Here’s a quick video on improving focus. Enjoy Elliot

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A productivity lesson from Jim Carrey

No, that headline is not a joke (: I was watching an interview the other day with Jim Carrey. He was talking about being in school, and what a class clown he was. Hard to believe right? He was always doing impressions of the teachers, and making everyone laugh – and distracting everyone! Til one .. read more

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