Business Writing Skills Course Outline

Managers seeking new staff consistently nominate the ability to communicate as an essential skill. In this interactive and practical course, you will learn how to construct efficient and effective communications that get results.

Recent Case Study
A major education provider recently lost their number one client (over a million dollars per year in revenue) primarily because of misunderstandings in their email correspondence.

Survey Results
A study by the Australian Psychological Society found there ‘was pressure on executives to communicate well via the written word’ – especially in emails. It also found that many staff are simply not confident or skilled in doing this.

Your team will learn the ‘Three Keys to Effective Business Writing Skills’

  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Editing

Other learning outcomes in the training include how to:

  • Recognise the attributes of effective business writing
  • Identify it’s not a ‘talent’ but a process
  • Determine the best means of communication for the purpose – should you call? Email?
  • Understand the different phases of writing
  • Undertake a structured approach to planning
  • Apply the five stages of planning  your document
  • Understand the audience – who are you writing to? How should you communicate?
  • Edit documents for clarity and brevity
  • Use effective layout techniques to aid understanding
  • Follow email etiquette with colleagues and clients
  • Use subject lines that work in today’s ‘information overload’ workplace
  • Use the right structure for the different types of emails you write on a daily basis
  • Get to the point without losing rapport with the other party
  • Request action without being perceived as overly aggressive or demanding
  • Ensure we don’t say ‘No’ in an email
  • Manage the balance between not always being able to deliver what the client wants, but still maintaining an ongoing relationship with them

Participants will finish this course with an increased confidence and knowledge in how to communicate with the written word and achieve their purpose.

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