A productivity lesson from Jim Carrey

No, that headline is not a joke (:

I was watching an interview the other day with Jim Carrey. He was talking about being in school, and what a class clown he was.

Hard to believe right?

He was always doing impressions of the teachers, and making everyone laugh – and distracting everyone!

Til one day a very smart teacher made a deal with him. She said, “Look, if you stay quiet in class, and stop distracting everyone, I’ll give you fifteen minutes at the end of the day to deliver your jokes.”

Well, that got him excited, and he spent his time creating jokes to deliver in his fifteen minute time slot.

What’s the productivity point?

Make the most of people’s strengths. Don’t try to change people, try to channel what they’re already good at.

That’s sometimes easier to do with others than it is for yourself.

What is your strength?

What do you need to do to make the most of it? Get an assistant, a new process, a coach, a mentor, an outlet?

Your strengths are there waiting to be mined for the best return. It’s a big key to being a high performer.

Have a great day.

Make it a great day.

Elliot Hayes




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