A tip from high performers – moving towards what you want

There’s one thing I have noticed that high performers (in any field) have over the lower level achievers. It really fast tracks their productivity and their results.

It’s easy to miss because it’s a trick to the eye. The high achievers make it look easy when they take risks, be bold, make things happen. They look like they’re feeling confident and strong.

But the truth is they are often scared witless.

It’s just that when they feel fear they move towards it.

Most people tend to move away from it.

Now, sometimes that’s the right thing to do. but often, it’s simply your comfort zone saying, ‘Whoa, hang on, what’s all this? Step back and stay safe.’

Working with thousands of people has also led me to another observation. What we’re talking about here is simply a habit. Get away from it being a talent, trait, special gift.

Fundamentally it’s a habit you’ve developed either way.

So – what’s holding you back? And making you step away?

Try this:

Be aware of when you’re holding back.

Take note of the reward or payoff you get when you step back? Why are you doing it?

Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen here?

Mess it up and see what happens

You might be surprised 😉

Have a great day.

Elliot Hayes

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