Email Management and Exercise Tip from Tony Robbins

Hi guys,

I spent this morning chasing my three year old son around the house, with my one year old in my arms. Fantastic exercise.

There’s an article in the Herald Sun today about how dads need to exercise with their children to help get fit. It’s certainly a great way to combine exercising and bonding with your children.

On a similar vein, I’m not normally in for the rah rah of Tony Robbins, but I can’t deny this tip he gives on combining email management with exercise is a cracker. I will happily apply the good ideas wherever I find them.

The amount of time, energy and focus lost due to email overload is profound, and one of the biggest challenges facing the knowledge worker. This is a great example of combining physical activity with email management. And might help you brainstorm some other ways of staying active.

Check out the practical tip here:


Elliot Hayes