Having a great 2016 – a little twist on how to do it

You’ve likely had a few people say ‘Happy New Year’ to you recently.

You might also get asked, ‘What are your new year’s resolutions?’

There’s still a great sense of a fresh start with a new year. So it’s a chance to think about what you want to do, change, focus on, give up, try – for 2016.

I want to offer you one little adjustment to the sentiment that you might find helpful. It might increase the shifts you really want to make for 2016.

The challenge with the sentiment is the time frame.

A whole year, whilst it logically makes sense, is hard for us to really feel.

Try this instead.

Rather than ‘Happy New Year’, say ‘Happy New Day’.

It uses an old time management technique called ‘chunking’. One little step at a time. Much simpler, and easier to relate to.

Take a moment to jot down some examples of results in life you’ve experienced – good and bad. Reflect on how they came into your life because of the accumulation of simple, day to day things you did (or did NOT) do.

It might be you stopped, day to day, having a nice ‘chat’ with your partner in life before you headed off to your next meeting. Now you don’t speak.

It might be you started calling five new prospective clients every single day. Not one hundred. Just five. Now you have a whole new batch of clients worth serious dollars to you.

It might be you stopped buying coffee each day and saved that four dollars per day. Now you have one thousand dollars in a savings account earning interest.

It might be you started doing ten push ups each day. Now you’ve lost weight, can do a whole workout and you regularly feel more energised.

As the old song goes, from little things, big things grow…

The other day, I heard my young son call it a ‘New Year’s Revolution’. I like that. It sounds exciting.

And it all starts with the new day. Now. Today. Simple, little steps.

As they accumulate, you’ll be surprised at the speed at which they can help you achieve your goals.

Happy New Day 🙂

Elliot Hayes

P.S. Ruth Ostrow from The Australian wrote an article on the other side to this – the much longer term plan you can make. Click here to check it out.





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