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I met with the CEO Institute yesterday. We were discussing the topic of productivity for CEO’s. As a side comment one of the staff mentioned they love Ricky Gervais from ‘The Office’.

Now, only the night before I had watched Ricky Gervais discussing how he is a very lazy actor. If the script says he is at his desk and someone knocks on the door. Then the script dictates that he gets up to answer the door.

He told everyone how that translates to nearly a whole day of getting up and down to film the scene. So he will go to the director and change the script. 

The new version has him at his desk, someone knocks on the door – he just looks up and says “Come in!”. He never has to get up!

This is a very good example of workplace DESIGN.

It was a very simple example of crafting events to work around you as much as possible to save time and energy. (Obviously, I hope he gets his exercise at some point 🙂

Practical exercise You can try right NOW:

Get a blank piece of paper, draw a circle on it. 

Put your name in the centre. 

Now consider all the outputs and inputs. Email you send OUT. Emails that come IN and you have to read.

People you head OUT to see. People who come IN to see you.

Now ask yourself, ‘How can i make more things come TO ME? To save time and energy?

I had one client who couldn’t leave the house due to intense back pain. So he had to re-design his work to make more things come to him. Work around him. I hope you never have any injuries, but try this out anyway. 

Of course, the next stage is having things come to your support team/PA/EA. Then you don’t have to deal with it at all. But we’ll get to that  🙂

Enjoy testing out your own ideas to design the right way of working for you.

Have a great day.

Elliot Hayes

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