Top Regret of the Dying

I visited my mother recently. No she’s not dying, she’s a real go getter, still working and doing lots of things in her sixties.

On her coffee table I noticed a book she’d recently got. It was called, “Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, by Bronnie Ware.

I flicked through the table of contents and guess what number two was?

“I wish I didn’t work so hard’.

Hmm, interesting.

Now, I haven’t read it, so i can’t say anything good or bad about the book. And i’m a big fan of hard work as a way of achieving great things.

My point is, use it as a questioning tool.

You have these areas of your life – your health, your work, family, creativity, hobbies, passions.

What is REALLY important to you?  What would you really regret if you didn’t say, do, try, give, contribute?

I remember waiting to meet a client, and reading an autobiography by the founder of Beaumont Tiles. He commented that now he was retired, he had time to do the things he really wanted, BUT not the energy.

So, what are you putting on the back burner now that – if you really had limited time left – deserves more focus?

You need not change your whole life. It might be as simple as implementing a weekly date with your spouse/partner. Might only be one hour.

But in that time, you put the smartphone away, and just spend time connecting.

A friend of mine has put his budding business career in ‘slow mode’ for this next five years, because he figures his young children still want to be with him, so he’d better make the most of it. Five years from now, his boys will want to be with their mates more than him.

Prioritise – schedule – implement. All simple stuff, but easy to forget when you’re super busy.

Have a great day.


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