What can you do?

Last week I took the kids to a museum. Had all kinds of fun activities for kids (and adults).

As I’m waiting for them to finish building a Lego construction, I see this image projected onto the floor from a light above:









In case that’s a bit fuzzy, it says:

What things can you do that have the biggest effect?

I kind of took that as a sign 🙂

So, as you’re thinking of what you want to achieve for the day, planning out your priorities ,tasks – consider, ‘What things can you do that have the biggest effect?’

Of course, in this context the effect you’re after is the one that takes you even closer to your goals for 2015.

To what’s most important to you.

This type of question is part of the essence of the 80/20 principle. Where a small amount of effort leads to a big amount of ‘result’.

So, what things can YOU do that have the biggest effect?

Have a great day, which leads to a great week, a great month – a great year!.

Warmest regards,

Elliot Hayes


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