Your plan for growth

Remember that feeling when you pushed yourself, tried something new and – wham! – it worked?

Or maybe it didn’t work, but it sure didn’t fail like you feared?

It’s the kind of feeling where – in terms of intensity – you feel like you’ve lived a whole week in one day.

Great feeling, huh?

Well, here’s a thought to ponder as the first quarter of 2015 nearly passes.

What is your plan for growth?

The satisfying kind where you feel like you experience a month in a week?

This isn’t just for salespeople having to close deals.

This is for anyone who wants to really grow, develop – experience more in 2015.

Very often in our workshops we find that people are much clearer on their personal goals than their work/career goals.

So in view of that, it can be just as important to have a plan for growth for your personal life.

I remember the time I tried up stand up comedy (to conquer my fear of public speaking). The time I tried a new martial art (to conquer my fear of physical altercations and get fitter). The occasion I headed to India to run a workshop (quite out of my comfort zone). The time I asked a beautiful lady out on a date (despite being very nervous she’d say no :). Even more basic, I just attended a BBQ class on the weekend and learnt some great tips.

A much better example is my cousin, Hayden. He’s working in South Africa with wild animals. There are some good transferrable skills there for when he returns to the Australian workforce, I’d say!

You get the point.

Start adding more to your list of stories. Ones you can tell your friends, your kids, your family, your boss .Stories that will help you stand out.

That’s not really why you do it though. It’s for the absolute thrill of pushing yourself and finding there was more inside of you than you originally thought.

I used to have a very narrow view of work. Just work, work, work. I was wrong. There has to be a balance.

Believe it or not, implementing your plan for growth (however small or simple) can make you a much better, more rounded, more productive member of your team.

Have a great week!

Elliot Hayes

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