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Dear Friend,

Recently I was at an automotive conference, and the day’s activities were done.

We were heading into dinner, when one of my colleagues (a huge bear of a man), told me he wasn’t staying for dinner – he was going home.

‘How come?’ I asked.

Without hesitating, he replied, ‘I have a six year old. You only get so many days.’

There’s a man who is clear on the value of time.

So much of our focus is on career and money.

But the real asset – the most important asset – is your time.

The question is, ‘How valuable is your time?’

Whether it’s family, friends, career, adventure, work, projects – are you making the most of it?

Why should you listen to us?

For over ten years we’ve been helping people in every major industry work more effectively. To achieve more with their time and with less effort.

That includes how to work smarter with your technology (Outlook,Excel, Powerpoint).

How to use your time more effectively as a manager or as a freelancer.

How to create and deliver great presentations in a relatively short period.

How to get the most out of your team’s energy, focus and resources.

How to negotiate, present and sell more effectively.

How to market your services, ideas, concepts and products to increase the buy in.

Most importantly, how to foster momentum in your work so that you make things happen without wasting time you don’t need to.

But it’s impossible to avoid just how hard it is to get these skills and knowledge into the right hands.

People are so under the pump that getting time for a training program at your workplace is a tough challenge.

Either you work for a large organisation, and getting your HR department to organise and deliver your requests for specific training you need can be too slow.

Or you’re part of a smaller business that can’t prioritise the budget or time to really give you the training and support you need.

We’ve been able to put the whole body of ever expanding work in one place – our Productivity Membership Program.

With this membership program you can pick and choose what information you need that is most relevant to you. You’ll have access 24/7

Webinar Programs

The list of webinar programs to be added to our program this year include:

Microsoft Excel – sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced

Identity theft – how to protect yourself without going insane and disconnecting from the world

How to think more creatively and innovatively to achieve better solutions, faster outcomes

Time efficient, leveraged lead generation techniques for sales people/business developers

LinkedIn – how to use it as a career development tool (without wasting your time on it!)

Negotiation skills techniques for the busy person

Outsourcing for business owners and employees alike

Boosting your own personal productivity

Microsoft PowerPoint – how to use it without having it make your presentation drag

Running effective meetings

Tai Chi for the Busy Executive

YouTube – Using the power of video to helps your team, your career, your networking, your business

We’ve aimed to make each webinar worth the cost of the membership alone.

Immediate Access to our Online Programs when you join

This will include online programs such as:

– Time Management with Microsoft Outlook

– Making it Happen

– Business Writing Skills

– Time Management: a fresh approach on working effectively

– How to create powerful presentations in record time (this is a must whether you present to groups or meet one on one)

Plenty more as we go, but that’s hopefully an enough of an outline for now

Discounts on High Level Workshops and Webinar Programs

We regularly run workshops (that cost from $425 – $1000 to get in the door). You’ll be offered places at these workshops at a heavily discounted price. The same goes for high level webinars we deliver. Places are always limited, so as members you’ll be top of the list for any special offers.

If we delivered a huge box to your door of materials, the chances are you wouldn’t know where to start. It’s too overwhelming.

The membership site model helps you learn at a digestible pace. Dip in, get the update and then get the result.

The FindTime Team


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