Microsoft Office Upgrade Training

“Many, many thanks to you and your team!
We are incredibly pleased with the roll out, notwithstanding the incredibly tight time frames we were dealing with.
You and your business were a pleasure and we look forward to an ongoing partnership.”
Nicki Arnold
SIRVA – Sr. Manager – Human Resources & Organisational Development, Asia Pacific

Upgrade training is customised to your needs.

We work side by side with you – and your stakeholders – to ensure the team gets exactly the content they need.

As such, each course for each client is unique. But for a sample of a program we ran recently for a client, click here:

How to Get More Done with Office 2010 – course outline included

Tips Sheets to Support the Learning

Instead of a voluminous manual that will overload the participant with information, each component of the course will be supported with practical tip sheets. These are easily accessible for the learner and save them time when they’re trying to find a quick answer to a question.

Twelve Months of “Post Workshop Support” – to help reinforce the learning

Each participant will receive email tips that help reinforce the information covered in the workshop.

Any participant will have the option of contacting the facilitator for up to twelve months after the workshop to trouble shoot any challenges they’re having in implementing the course material.

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