Twenty days of training, over two hundred people, ranging on topics from Microsoft Outlook, to Visio to Excel (and others) – the whole project roll out flowed smoothly.

The trainers at FindTime were right on their game. You have a good team there.The feedback has been great. Thank you!

Stan McCullagh – Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory


I’m still using the techniques you taught me. I found it very useful and the team got benefits from it.

Michelle Leech – Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Monash University




‘I would thoroughly recommend you consider running the ‘Time Management with Outlook” course for your colleagues. It’s a course I believe the whole hotel group would benefit from. The time it will save you and the confidence it will give you will be well worth the investment.’
Matthew Young, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Canberra

On behalf of Management and all the staff here at MediaMotive – – I want to say a huge thank-you to you.

It was a fantastic couple of days and the feedback I’ve received from everyone has been nothing but positive.

You have been such a pleasure to work with and I want to thank you for your professionalism and for your patience and understanding as I tried to organise 40+ unruly staff (:

The sessions were informative, engaging and fun and everyone learned from them.

But most importantly you made me look good!

My sincere thanks again.

Peta Garside
Organised and facilitated a staff conference at RACV Resort in Cape Schanck Victoria for the entire sales and operation team

“Thanks again for running the Outlook for Time Management training session this morning.  You exceeded my expectations and I can speak on behalf of everyone else that we will be putting into practice many of the tips and tricks of using Outlook into our everyday work.  THQ relies heavily on Outlook, we are a global company and there is a constant stream of emails and meetings being held in different time zones.  Our staff spend so much time using Outlook that we thought there may be quicker and easier ways to get things done.  Improving efficiency was my overall objective of this training.
Your focus was not on the basics of using the software but on the tips, tricks and time saving features.  This session is not for everyone initially, employees need to have a reasonable understanding of the software and be using it before your session could really be valuable, which was the case for our staff.
Of particular value was the use of tasks, capturing the old paper ‘to do list’ in Outlook and using this feature to connect with calendar and email seamlessly.  There are many more great tips and tricks but I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that it provided great benefit to our staff so thank you.  My only regret is that we should have organized this sooner.”
Jane Robertson, Human Resources Manager Asia Pacific, THQ Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

‘Five years ago I had FindTime teach me and my team how to use Outlook effectively. I am still using what he taught me, and importantly we achieved a cultural change in their email communication.’

Craig Winspear , Sales Manager – Maggie Beer


“I had already changed my preference to open Calendar in the mornings.  It makes such a difference to how I now start my day.   I am also pleased to say the only email in my inbox is yours!!  I transferred 19 emails to “tasks” out of 197 emails.  The rest I filed accordingly and I feel more in control. I believe everyone gained a great deal from your training sessions – thanks again.”
Elizabeth Farrell @ Gandel, Office/Personnel Manager

Elliot Hayes from FindTime has been a regular presenter and facilitator for the CIS industry management events over the past 8 years.  Elliot executes engaging, informed and tailored sessions that deliver to our brief every time.  He offers our audiences sessions that are well prepared whilst also providing the entertaining spontaneity you can only obtain from an experienced and professional speaker. We and our audiences have only positive feedback on Elliot’s presenting style and professionalism with regards to coordinating each event.

Jade Ryan
Services and Solutions Manager
Corporate Information Systems

“You have been transformational in helping people manage their email. Some of our members have used him and they’ve totally cleared their inbox… he doesn’t charge much; I don’t think he’s figured out what he’s worth!”
Harvey Martin, Regional Director for “The Executive Connection”


Presenting with PowerPoint – Program Feedback

Our CEO commented that the presentations at the board meeting were the best in the history of presenting at such meetings. It showed a great improvement on previous meetings. There was a strong consistency across all the presentations.

We found that with less PowerPoint data to clutter the presentations (which used to force the audience to start reading the data and stop listening to the speaker, now there was more space for the presenter to share their information and engage the audience.

This result is directly due to the training session with FindTime, which along with clear content had specific comments on each presentation. Comments such as “whatever the content, that doesn’t look right visually’. When you’re you’re creating a presentation, it’s easy to miss these points in your own work. Having an outsider objectively view it was helpful in giving an audience’s perspective.

Independent Purchasing Company (Australasia) Ltd| Sydney Head Office

Just giving you some feedback.

This is the best teacher I have ever encountered in my entire student life and best session ever, learned a lot in a short timeframe (:

Thanking you

Staff Member at ‘Box Hill Institute’ who did the ‘Excel Essentials’ course

Just wanted to say thank you for your great work with the workshop, it’s very engaging and I’ve been classed as the “GroupWise expert” ever since my training with you.


Kind regards,

Sarah Miller

Executive Assistant to Associate Director

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT)

When we asked each of our group at the conclusion of our event who was their favourite speaker and why – it was Elliot Hayes from FindTime every time – because you gave practice “to do” advice.

Thank you thank you thank you :)

Adele Blair
Partner/Founder – Institute for Concierge & Lifestyle Managers 

Yesterday’s presentation to the Personal Assistants of our CEO Circle members was excellent.  I thought I was taking a risk in combining a “thank you” lunch with some professional development.  Wonderful to relate, I was much mistaken.

Even though this group of people are senior in the PA world, they indicated they were looking forward to the occasion and the session on email management.  On the day, what was even more important than the fact that intellectually they were ready to receive a message, you actually made the process very enjoyable for all of us. You wowed them with your humour, your wonderful little analogies which made the information even more relevant, your energy  and as importantly, you were so generous in your approach to sharing, that if you were promoting yourself to them for future engagements, it was subtle – you let the message speak for itself. Well done – sincere appreciation from The CEO Circle, Melbourne.
Marilyn Forde, Chief Executive, Melbourne, The CEO Circle

“After attending a presentation by you and implementing some of what you taught me, I went from 8600 emails in my inbox to 40 in two weeks. More importantly, I’ve been able to keep it there.  Listening to your ideas it made me realise, “Why do I do it? Why do I keep so many emails there building up in my inbox?” I now regularly use tasks and I’m able to action them quickly. “
Adam Haoui, TDA Interiors

Since 2011 we have engaged FindTime to present on their “Productivity Skills’ session at our professional development days.

They have spoken for MFAA at :

–          Adelaide

–          Torquay

–          Mildura

–          Geelong

–          Melbourne

In total they presented to over four hundred of our members, with more to come as the year rolls on. They also hosted a webinar for us that had over 500 participants, and we had to run it again due to popular demand.

Here is a sample of just some of the feedback we have received:

  • Funny and witty and full of beans and kept everyone’s interest throughout
  • This young man was excellent and the MFAA should get him in front of more members
  • Fantastic!!!
  • Very helpful
  • This session made the day worthwhile. Thanks
  • Some great tips for efficiency of communications
  • Very good presenter on a topic we can always learn more on
  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • Well delivered, good pace and content
  • Entertaining and engaging, informative and useful
  • Some very useful tips and pleased to see we received an email with tips as promised
  • Great Info in short space of time – kept everyone engaged. Great presenter

If you’re considering using FindTime for your conference or with your staff in-house, we would highly recommend them.

Andrea Lewis.
MFAA – Mortgage and Finance Brokers Association of Australia

Re: Time Management with Outlook.
Thank you for your “Time Management with Outlook” training that you recently ran for Beaumont Tiles.
All of the course participants enjoyed the course and we are already seeing what they learned being put into place.
Some of the comments from the participants:
“So much of Outlook I do not use.”
“A very enlightening course, well presented”
“Better and more constructive time management”
“A visual and practical course that was easy to follow”
“Plain English, very easy to follow and understand”
I am happy to recommend your “Time Management with Outlook” to anyone who wants to take control of Outlook.
Yours Faithfully

Col Hardinge, Administration Manager – Victoria, Beaumont Tiles

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you spent at the Honda Australia meeting last week. Personally, it was the most informative and beneficial training session that I have ever been involved in during my 26 years in the Motor Industry. Your wealth of knowledge on what seems to be such a complex, and important issue, was overwhelming.  I certainly hope that Honda Australia are able to utilize your intuition in a Workshop in the not too distant future so as to expand on what you briefly touched on last week.
Paul Fairbairn, General Manager, Ferntree Gully Honda

‘The trainer was very positive in the ways that i can improve my presentation….I cannot think of any ways of improving this course…I will use the presentation planning structure for all my presentations both within and external of Sanitarium…the mixture of theory and practise really suited this course.’

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing – Sales Team

‘Your dynamic and inspirationally presentation on ‘How to use the Power of Innovation in your Marketing and Sales to Boost Profits’ will go down as a highlight in our event calendar.

The feedback we have had from participants has been overwhelming, their message was consistent, “great night, memorable evening, fun event, Elliot’s delivery style was honest and full of energy, his ideas and knowledge has left us inspired to make changes in our approach to marketing.’
Lynda Bredin, Manager Business Development, Glen Eira City Council

‘Excellent theory…practical session…experienced facilitator.’
University of Melbourne

‘Gave me way beyond my expectations. Truly achieved its goal.’
Object Consulting

‘It was brilliant. Your energy – a constant reminder of what it is to be a great presenter!’
Centre for MultiCultural Youth

‘Facilitator was very engaging…lots of practical exercises…excellent content’
Magistrate Court of Australia

‘I would like to personally thank you for such an enriching day. I am already starting to implement changes & there will be more to come over the next few months. I also have mentioned this to the training department at Honda Australia in Tullamarine. They would appreciate it if you could touch base with to perhaps organise some future training.’
Frank Interdonato – Honda Australia

“Your sales workshop has given our sales team the tools, confidence & enthusiasm to tackle the opportunities ahead. Anyone who decides to use your services I am sure you will be impressed with results you deliver.”
Todd Menegola – George Weston Foods

‘Your sales course highlighted that simple techniques can really work.  They have been much more effective at getting clients to say ‘yes’. Highly recommended.”
Pearl Tang – Business Solutions Technology @  Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia

“Extremely motivating…relevant and on the money.”
Turnleys Hairdressing & Beauty Supplies

“Since changing my sales approach after Elliot’s seminar I went from leaving my customers confused and feeling ‘sold’ to solving customers’ problems. Now I have a 100% strike rate.”
Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Just wanted to give you back some feedback about the training. Generally training is boring particularly for a 3 hour block and you spend most of the time looking at the clock thinking of all the other things you would be better off doing. However in this instance, it was far from boring and not once did I look at the clock! The time flew past and even though the course was structured (very well) the trainer took questions from everyone throughout the morning which made the information applicable to everyone.
I would highly recommend this course and thought the trainer was fantastic.
Jodie Shaw, Executive Assistant to CEO, Bicycle Victoria

“Really enjoyed the session.  A great speaker.  It was good to focus on the basics and get some match practice in.”
Bronwyn Hampson – Coles – Infrastructure Project Manager

“One of the first session like this I had attended and what a high standard. Fantastic speaker and have been practicing the basics since the session and am amazed at the difference they are making. I was very sceptical that I’d get anything out of such a small amount of time so was really happy and surprised.”
Sally Duncan  – Coles IT – Project Management Office Manager

“He was an enjoyable presenter to watch, high energy and presented very well. It (the negotiation training session) came in handy as the next day I had a staff member in my team ask me for a pay rise.”  Jeanette Roberts – Department of Primary Industries – Project Management Office Manager

“Excellent presentation. Got some great tips which I will use in both my role and personal life.  I liked how he made it transferable to both areas.  I also like how he may sure that we got the key points out of the session even though he had too much information.  He didn’t just plough though and not finish.  I liked that he cared that we got all the key points.”
Click by Click’ internet marketing seminar feedback

‘I first sought out Elliot from because the results I wanted to achieve were learning to structure speeches, presentations and general meetings. Communication is a major part of my job so being able to articulate what i want to say so my message is clear is so important.

The process we went through to get there was challenging and confronting as learning to talk to a group is never easy. The more i learnt with Elliot the more my confidence grew. He helped me understand my audience better and strangely enough really enjoyed it. Elliot did a great job in helping me format and deliver a speech to 900 people and it went really well.

In the end, I delivered my speech and the feedback I received was great. The enjoyed what i had to say and said how confident i came across which was exactly what i wanted. Really enjoyed Elliot and have no doubt he has changed the way i will now address speaking in public.”

Kristy Bartlett – General Manager Ray White Victoria/Tasmania

What made you decide to attend the workshop in the first place?

  • My lack of knowledge, understanding and the overall concept of using online marketing including the ‘how’, the ‘why’ and the ‘what next’.
  • To see whether this is something that is achievable (ie can I do it) without having to go to an outside company for assistance (being a one person business, I need to keep overheads low).
  • and therefore getting over the ‘fear’ of not just the marketing ideas, but then also knowing how to apply these principles online.

What are the main learning points you gained that you believe will help your business?

  •   how relatively simple it is to get started (eg google places) with limited IT knowledge.
  • that the basics of marketing are still the same (that I still need to know who my target audience are etc etc), and that applying this to online is a matter of changing the manner in which to reach them.
  • nothing to be fearful of!   Get in there, have a go, and experiment with different approaches.

I still have a lot to learn about (a) marketing and (b) how to do this online, but at least I have taken a step in the right direction.
Thank you for workshop and for the chance to provide feedback,
Jo Bransby, BodyFlexion Personal Training

Counsellors feedback from the “Closing Sales” session delivered by you last march. The counsellors rated the training as excellent. Here are some of the comments:

“My favorite part of the training was the amazing race and sales training”
“Favourite: Close of sale training”
“Favourite: Campus tour and Close of sale training”
“Short course close of sale is fantastic”
“Favourite: Lunch at Yering Station (just joke, but it was really good), The Sales Training”
Thanks so much
Diana Gonzalez
Marketing & Project Officer Swinburne University of Technology