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The High Performance Workplace 


Email Management Report – how to master your inbox and boost productivity by up to 20%

Email Management Special Report by Elliot Hayes


Ten Day Sales Challenge

Ten Day Challenge Sales Report by ElliotHayes 


Negotiation – how to get started

Negotiation Article – How to get started in mastering this valuable skill by Elliot Hayes


Back to Basics – using productivity principles for your sales process to help your revenue


How to make your year a real winner – tips for more fun, more productivity and more profit


Audio Interviews and Conference Calls

‘Email Management and other Productivity Tips’ Interview of Elliot Hayes by Lorraine Pirihi

Email_Management_and Productivity_Tips_Teleseminar_ 2010



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Software tools we have found useful in making things happen

Please note that we are not associated with these providers, and as such we cannot guarantee their service or delivery for you. All we can say is they have helped us and are worth considering.

Other Providers Worth a Look

Strategic Directions Workshop

Are you unsure of the next step?

Want to pinpoint your STRATEGIC DIRECTION to harness your resources and focus?

Check out this ‘Strategic Directions’ program from one of the best in the business.

Do you use Microsoft Project?

Check out the number one provider of Microsoft Project training here at:


Are you in sales? Do you have to cold call but you HATE it?

Our main concern with cold calling is that it can be a large drain on your time, without producing high results.

If you’d like to explore a better way, click here to check out this valuable program called, ‘Never Cold Call Again’. The name speaks for itself.


Do you want to get healthier but you don’t have the TIME?

Schkinny Maninny do a fantastic juice detox program for a healthier liver. This is delivered straight to your door (but you will need to check their delivery circle, as it may not apply to everyone in Australia). Worth a look if you want to improve your health while you’re on the go.

Check them out here at: