Sales & Marketing Intensive

Attention All Business Owners & Salespeople

“Don’t spend another cent on marketing or advertising until you read this…”

● If you want a stream of new clients knocking on your door
● If you want to increase your sales and maximise your profits
● If you want to do this WITHOUT requiring a huge marketing budget

… then read this special announcement for the BBN members:

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I ran a half day “Sales Mastery” workshop which some of the BBN members attended (it sold out so unfortunately we had to turn a number of people away). The feedback was excellent – with a few members requesting a one one one marketing consultation to help their specific issues. The whole process was illustrative of the fact that most of you are sitting on all the answers and resources you need to grow your business to any goal you set – it’s just you may not realise it.

It’s very hard when you don’t know what you don’t know. To grow your sales, you need a proper grounding in cutting edge marketing and sales strategies coupled with a clear action plan on how to make it happen. You need to customise these strategies to your specific business to make it work.

The “Sales Mastery” course was a half day designed to give you an injection of ideas; but it only scratched the surface of what I can teach. What I’m proposing now is a full day workshop for no more then ten people to work indepth with me on creating a sales and marketing blueprint for your business that will blow your competition away – The Sales & Marketing Intensive.

As I’ve often said, I don’t run many of these workshops because frankly it’s easier and much more profitable to be “doing it” rather then “teaching it”. So this is the last of these sales/ marketing public workshops I’ll be running for the rest of the year. After that I’ll just stick to working with my private consulting clients.

This is not for those who just want some intellectual entertainment – this is for people who want to make things happen. Who are looking for an easier way to stategically grow your sales without stressing yourself out in the process and making costly mistakes that throw money out the door.

Take a look at the outline below, and the free bonuses on offer to each attendee (they outweigh the cost of the course itself). And remember, if I don’t deliver on what I promise, then you don’t pay one cent for the workshop.

Here is some of what we’ll be covering at The Sales & Marketing Intensive:

  • how to make your product or service so unique that you’re the number one choice ahead of your competitors
  • how to implement marketing strategies that have very low risk but a very high upside
  • how to access hundreds of customers in your target market for virtually no cost
  • how to increase the dollar value of each customer so you achieve “more with less”
  • how to write your own winning sales copy that does the work for you (instead of wasting thousands on copywriters who don’t increase your sales)
  • how to create special offers that make it irresistable for your prospects to buy
  • how to increase customer loyalty so you can increase repeat sales and you don’t have to spend valuable time and money trying to get new customers
  • how telemarketing can avoid the drain of “cold calling” and increase sales
  • how to create a new “sales team” for your business that you don’t have to pay a salary
  • how to use the power of the internet to increase sales
  • how to utilise your “creative mind” to continuously generate ideas and innovations that improve the bottom line of your business
  • how to double the effectiveness of your advertising; this could save you thousands and earn you lots more
  • why most sales people are using outdated sales approaches that were created over fifty years ago…and how you can use that to your advantage
  • how you can increase your prospecting success simply by changing one sentence in your opening line (one of my clients went from a 1 in 10 closing ratio to 100% by using this one technique)
  • how to use the powerful concept of “social proof” to lessen resistance and generate leads
  • how you’re losing sales every day by not asking one simple question
  • how to stop losing sales every time you do the traditional “follow up”
  • how to do a complete “sales audit” to identify areas of improvement and potential sales
  • how to enjoy the process and speed up your rate of improvement
  • how to combine all you learn into one cohesive strategy that works for you
Free Bonuses for Each Attendee

Bonus 1: Free DVD copy of my recent “Sales Mastery” workshop. Three and a half hours of cutting edge strategies on how to improve your sales skills – valued @ $195

Bonus 2: Free Email/Phone support from me for thirty days after the workshop valued @ $300. After the training, you will still have questions or ideas you need help on. You can email me anytime and get a response. If we can’t sort it out via email, then we’ll have a conference call.

Bonus 3: Special Marketing report by one of the world’s most successful, expensive marketing consultants teaching you how to explode your sales results. Valued @ $195

Where, When & How Much

Numbers are strictly limited to TEN places to ensure everyone gets the full focus, attention and customised answers they need.

Register now by emailing or enquire further, by calling Elliot Hayes on 9214 5438

Payment required upon registration.

Date & Time: Friday 28th July 9am – 4:30pm

Cost: $495 per person. Morning tea, lunch and coffee included.

Venue: Hawthorn Training Centre @ Swinburne University John St, Hawthorn

Facilitator: Elliot Hayes

Feedback from previous participants:

“Extremely motivating…relevant and on the money.” “You have done a really great job with this group – from the time you were briefed through to the end. Well done and thank you!” “Fantastic! Being a new person…I came in nervous at first, now I am leaving full of confidence and all geared up to get out there. Thanks”
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“Since changing my sales approach after Elliot’s seminar I went from leaving my customers confused and feeling ‘sold’ to solving customers’ problems. Now I have a 100% strike rate and I enjoy the sales process.”
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