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Let’s make this year your biggest!

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The year is nearly half way through! It’s worthwhile to ask yourself:

What has changed?

How will the rest of the year be any different?

What can YOU do to make it different?


On behalf of Management and all the staff here at MediaMotive – – I want to say a huge thank-you to you.’

Peta Garside – 

‘Your dynamic and inspirational presentation on ‘How to use Sales to Boost Profits’ will go down as a highlight in our event calendar.

The feedback we have had from participants has been overwhelming, their message was consistent, “great night, memorable evening, fun event, Elliot’s delivery style was honest and full of energy, his ideas and knowledge has left us inspired to make changes.’
Lynda Bredin, Manager Business Development, Glen Eira City Council

‘Your sales course highlighted that simple techniques can really work.  They have been much more effective at getting clients to say ‘yes’. Highly recommended.”
Pearl Tang – Business Solutions Technology @  Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia


One step you can take is to build your skills in making sales. For most people, they have a very limited view of how to do that.

But, there is a way to make it more profitable, less time consuming, and a whole lot more FUN!

Become a truly dynamic successful sales presenter by gaining a powerful approach to help position you as the natural solution to your client’s problems. You’ll learn a whole new way of prospecting and positioning to get the least resistance in your sales.

Learn how to stand out by leaving this workshop with a simple game plan that will strategically build your business.

In this workshop, here is what you will discover:

  • how to make compelling presentations that close sales and position you as the number one choice for your clients (this is very rarely done properly and will give you a tremendous edge)
  • how to have get your clients to pay for you to present to them as they give you all the information you need to sell your solution
  • how to flush out and handle any objections the client has
  • how to effectively follow up on potential sales without annoying the prospect
  • strategies to build your credibility and positioning as the expert in your field (not just ‘another salesperson’)
  • how to create special offers that reduce the “haggling” process and make it easy for clients to say YES
  • how to automate the lead generating process of getting prospects so you can spend time focusing on your most important clients
  • how to set up a powerful referral system that has clients coming to you without you doing any of the “hard sell” cold calling
  • how most sales people are making it hard for themselves because they don’t have the right strategy.  Most salespeople are so stuck in the rut of “Get new clients” they’re missing the real profit that’s right in front of them
  • how to use the internet to stay on the lookout for intelligence on competitors, current affairs relevant to your clients, and ideas to increase sales in your industry
  • how to use publicity to increase your positioning and your sales
  • how to increase the price on what you sell
  • overcome fears – yours and the prospects!
  • boost your confidence
  • increase sales and territory planning efficiency
  • techniques for closing the sale


If you wish to register or find out more – simply send an email to Elliot Hayes – with your query or suggest a time you’d like us to contact you.


Ten-Day-Challenge-Sales-Report-Elliot-Hayessimply right click this link and ‘Save target as…’

There is no sales course in Australia that we know of that gives this kind of specific detail and information.

Guarantee – If our training doesn’t show you how to increase your sales
by a minimum of 10%, the fee will be refunded

Not sure if this is right for you?

Then call the instructor – Elliot Hayes – right now and discuss it. Here’s his mobile – 0413 133 345. That way, you can get the exact answers you need to decide if this course is going to help you or not.

Have a look at what some of our other clients had to say…

“Elliot’s sales workshop has given our sales team the tools, confidence & enthusiasm to tackle the opportunities ahead. I am sure you will be impressed with results he delivers.”
Todd Menegola – George Weston Foods

‘Elliot’s Sales course highlighted that simple techniques can really work.  They have been much more effective at getting clients to say ‘yes’. Highly recommended.”
Pearl Tang – Business Solutions Technology @  Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia

“Extremely motivating…relevant and on the money.”
Turnleys Hairdressing & Beauty Supplies

“Since changing my sales approach after Elliot’s seminar I went from leaving my customers confused and feeling ‘sold’ to solving customers’ problems. Now I have a 100% strike rate.”
Welcome To The Neighbourhood