This is the best teacher I have ever encountered in my entire working life and best session ever, learned a lot in a short timeframe (:

Thanking you

Staff Member at ‘Box Hill Institute’ who did the ‘Excel Essentials’ course

We deliver Microsoft Excel Training in Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Beginners & Intermediate Course

Note – for a syllabus on Advanced topics, please contact us. We will customise the program to suit exactly what you need to use Excel for.

Practical strategies on how to use Microsoft Excel at an advanced level to save time and work more effectively.

The average person knows how to use about 10% of the software they work with – especially when it comes to Microsoft Excel.

‘Boost your Productivity with Excel’ is designed to show you how to use excel without losing time getting frustrated by what you don’t know.

As with all our workshops, you don’t have to be an I.T. guru to gain new skills in a short time frame. There won’t be heavy technical jargon. Rather it will be a hands-on workshop designed to give you skills in how to make Microsoft Excel work for you as a productivity tool.

Here is some of what you will learn:

Level 1 – Beginners


  • how they work and the best use of their functionality

A Simple Workbook

  • how to enter data, save a workbook and create an in put range

Selecting Ranges

  • how to select contiguous ranges
  • how to use special selection techniques to save time
  • how to select larger ranges and do range calculations

Formulas – how to make sense of them without getting confused

  • understanding formulas
  • the sum function
  • creating formulas that subtract, multiply and divide
  • how to do formula error checking to make sure you’ve got it right

Copying and Filling – use this tool to avoid time wasting double entries

  • tips and tricks to do quick copying, of one cell or multiple cells
  • how to copy relative formulas

Working with Functions

  • typing a sum function
  • how to calculate an average, and use the minimum and maximum function

Printing – how to scale it to fit, create page headers and print formulas

Charting – how to create, modify and print a chart (that includes a pie and bar chart)

Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 2 is the intermediate session that will have more advanced techniques in the following areas:

  • Working With Workbooks & Worksheets
  • Adjusting A Worksheet
  • Viewing Worksheets
  • Formatting Cells
  • Absolute Referencing
  • Filling Series
  • Labels And Names
  • Logical Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Sorting
  • AutoFilter

And a whole lot more.

This is a half day workshop designed specifically for you. Given it will be a small group we can easily adapt some of the content based on the questions that come through.

Six Months of “Post Workshop Support” – to help reinforce the learning

Each participant will receive email tips that help reinforce the information covered in the workshop. Any participant will have the option of contacting the facilitator for up to six months after the workshop to trouble shoot any challenges they’re having in implementing the course material.

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