Microsoft Excel Training

“This is the best teacher I have ever encountered in my entire working life and best session ever, learned a lot in a short timeframe (:

Thanking you”

Staff Member at ‘Box Hill Institute’; participant in the ‘Excel Essentials’ course 

Microsoft Excel – the most powerful software in your office

It’s a powerful tool – but it can feel a little frustrating for some people.

One of our clients clearly outlined (on our first meeting with them) how they wanted to throw their computer through the window…because Excel was so frustrating!

That’s where we come in.

Our training is customised, on-site and we only teach what you need to know to be more productive. 

As such, our programs are typically half a day in length.  No more.


Because a full day is too much for people’s energy levels. And the type of clients we attract – very busy people – don’t have a full day spare.

If you want Excel training that is fast, fun and helps you get things done (in less time) then CONTACT US to discuss your excel training needs.

We’ve got the best Excel trainers in the business. They love what they do and – whether Excel drives you crazy or you already a fan – you’ll come away empowered to use it as a productivity tool to get more done.

We run Microsoft Excel Training in the following key areas:

*Please note – Due to the different needs of each client, detailed course outlines are not included here. They will be formulated in detail for your consideration based on your input. Don’t worry, we’ll make it as simple as possible for you to identify what your team need for their Excel skills :-P

Microsoft Excel 2003 Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2003 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2003 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2003 Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft Excel 2007 Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2007 Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Excel Upgrade Training – from any version to any version

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