A fresh approach on getting more done with less energy, effort and time.

If you ever find yourself:

  • stretched for time
  • your inbox full of outstanding requests
  • a to do list as long as your arm that still needs to be worked through

Then it’s time to refresh or upgrade your time management skills.

A recent client of ours – after doing a simple ‘audit’ on how he spent his time – commented that he was amazed ‘how much time gets wasted without realising it…, which is costing him time, energy and money.

Never before have we had so many tools and resources at our disposal to help get things done.

Never before have we had so many tools that can distract us from what we’re doing. And now people have more access to YOU with their information and requests.

Ask yourself,

  • What level are your time management skills at?
  • Are they helping you make the most of your time?
  • How are your stress levels? Are you managing the pressure that comes with making things happen? 

Session Outline

In this program you will learn following key skills and strategies:

  • Email Management strategies
  • Email etiquette/policy you can implement for yourself that will save you time and prevent miscommunication
  • How to handle the different interruptions – email, voicemail, mobile calls – to protect your focus and get the important priorities actioned
  • How to handle the time management styles of different personalities you work with
  • To be able to effectively communicate ‘No’ when you have to without causing offense
  • How to delegate effectively
  • The simple process you can implement to establish habits that will serve your productivity and decrease procrastination
  • How to maintain your focus and clarity on the most important priorities. This will also include strategies to increase your skill in focus (which is constantly being distracted by the increasing interruptions)
  • To maintain energy levels throughout the day to keep your productivity high
  • Managing a to-do list and how to effectively prioritise the competing demands on a daily, weekly, quarterly basis
  • How to leverage a small percentage of your time to lay the groundwork for longer term goals/objectives you want to achieve.
  • Running and managing better meetings to save time, improve engagement and create clear action items as a result

We have worked with thousands of people across dozens of industries. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Let us help you and your team achieve more from your most precious resource – your time.  

Workshop Length for In-house Training: Half Day

Depending on the size of the group and requirements of your team, the workshop length will vary. Typically, given we are dealing with busy people with a packed schedule, we deliver this program over a half day with ‘Coaching Support’ after the training.

Outline specifically the area you would like to focus on and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

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